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Postby Paul » 11 Feb 2008, 08:13

Not actually related to the Phailhaüs in any way. The name is just a coincidence.


(it is)

Also the Revver id for this video is 669969, which is pretty cool.
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Postby AlexanderDitto » 11 Feb 2008, 08:22

I lol'd. Ian McKellen! I just wonder what 'shoe' means to poor Sven.

Truly, a monumental feat, Paul. You memorized a lot of lines. Bravo!

Also, the Crochet'd loading ready run hat? Where'd that come from? I want to crochet me up one of those bad boys. Is the pattern available?

Also, if I ever had a teacher who did that, I would encourage my classmates to set them on fire. Terrible!
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Postby AlpacaBurgers » 11 Feb 2008, 08:23

Lol awesome video.

The phrase "epic fail" is conspiciously missing though lol
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Postby Faye » 11 Feb 2008, 08:30

That was laugh out loud funny! I'm still laughing at it, I'll have to watch it again.

Graham, I have to say GREAT job on the recording on this one, the panning and zooming was excellent! It felt like I was watching a major motion picture... or at least something on prime time TV.

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Postby GHOVO » 11 Feb 2008, 08:32

lol thats awesome! Yay for teacher Paul (Not a corpse!)
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Postby Oxford » 11 Feb 2008, 08:34

The Dutch.... AGAIN! I see James has managed to hurt Matt again. This time, with a book. Bravo, James. You really push the limit. Was that scripted?

Also, Matt follows up on his Phailhaus performance by demonstrating once again, his incapacity for coherent thought. But then again, he was acting.

Paul, you have a way with being mean. And did I spot some dolly action?

Also, those overhead images and statistics were a great addition.

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Postby Lord Chrusher » 11 Feb 2008, 08:35

This will only make sense to any who went to Oak Bay but I was some what reminded of Mr Rodgers.
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 11 Feb 2008, 08:40

The language grasp of the Sven character was wonderful, I very much enjoyed "Ian McKellen", and I'm slightly concerned from his response as to what "Shoe" might mean to him...

The scripting was done very well, the twist at the beginning of the video (That of the apparent aptitude being actually ineptitude) was very well complimented with it's eloquence by the sheerly inane "opposites day" twist near the end.

I'm pretty sure I haven't noticed the camera positioning seen here in other videos, so I'm assuming it's a new feature, which certainly added to the drama and comedy of the skit.

Very well done :D

GHOVO wrote:lol thats awesome! Yay for teacher Paul (Not a corpse!)

I don't know, over here we consider most teachers to be soul-less, so he could still be undead. In The Aftermath he was coherent and non-shambolic despite being zombified, so he could probably fare better than some of my old teachers :P
AlexanderDitto wrote:Also, if I ever had a teacher who did that, I would encourage my classmates to set them on fire. Terrible!

I can honestly say we have an ICT teacher around here that we've considered tying up and setting alight for warmth during the winter...because for some reason he always has the AC on and the windows open. This is the same ICT teacher that is known to talk for most of the hour-long lesson, occasionally veering into his experience working at a factory, the construction of bricks in Africa, and the classical days o' yore when he was scared to heck and high water by the mention of the phrase "floppy disk".

So we have a lot of motivation.
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Postby Arjan » 11 Feb 2008, 08:45

AlexanderDitto wrote:I lol'd. Ian McKellen! I just wonder what 'shoe' means to poor Sven.
I can only think of the word "sjoel", which comes close to the english pronunciation word of "shoe".. Sjoelen is a old dutch pastime..

Liked the video :p
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Postby Ganondorf » 11 Feb 2008, 08:47

I wonder when you guys will actually make a video about opposite day. Great job.
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Postby wilson_x1999 » 11 Feb 2008, 09:01

This was a horrible video, it phailed! EPICLY...

is what I would say if today were Opposite Day!

Oxford wrote:The Dutch.... AGAIN!


Damnit! I was going to say that!

Sven! Shoe! Ian McKellen!
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Postby Daco » 11 Feb 2008, 09:02

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *can't stop laughing*
that was epic epic win! :D
nice going!
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Postby YourBlankFile » 11 Feb 2008, 09:10

Excellent video. The current win streak is rather remarkable for LRR. Ride this one for all it's worth :D
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Postby tak197 » 11 Feb 2008, 09:16

As epically funny as this video is, it would be a whole lot funnier if I didn't have professors like this. The cocknobblery of some of my professors is quite a match to this.

One is even under review for having a high amount of epic failure in one of his courses.

But nonetheless, epic win. For teh w00ts. Other internet misspellings of congratulatory remarks.
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Postby Tim » 11 Feb 2008, 09:17

I loved the book-throwing at the end.

And did you mean "shoo" rather than "shoe"? That would explain why "Sven" started walking away.
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So close to home

Postby Keith K » 11 Feb 2008, 09:30

Paul must have (had) all the same professors I had in college. That seems to be some very familiar character modelling. Very close to home.

Also, probably my favorite Saunders writing/performance to date. Bravo!

(Obligatory "THE DUTCH! AGAIN!")
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Postby Sable » 11 Feb 2008, 09:54


Beautiful, beautiful delivery of that entire monologue. That was some of the best ranting I've seen in a long, long time. Excellent work!

I like the dolly work. The slow pans and zooms were very effective, and glassy smooth.

I like this one. I'll have to remember choice verbiage.
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Postby Lacerta » 11 Feb 2008, 09:55

Is Ian McKellan a verb?
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Postby NecroVale » 11 Feb 2008, 09:59

Words cannot describe this video. Well... actually they can. But to make the words 42.6% better, I shall present them in the following manner.

Dddd ddddd ddd ddddddd ddddddd. Dddd dddd ddddddddddd ddd ddddddd.

Also, Ian McKellen... in England.
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Postby AmazingPjotrMan » 11 Feb 2008, 10:09

Aside from Sven being more of a scandinavian name rather than dutch. Nice script. A bit negative though.
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Postby JesterJ. » 11 Feb 2008, 10:13

Man that was very, very good. One of the funniest in awhile, I love big rants like that. I know somebody who basically IS that person, so I'll be sharing this with them.

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Postby Graham » 11 Feb 2008, 10:20

I'm glad you guys like the dolly moves!

Just wait till James posts the behind-the-scenes pix, so you can see what the dolly actually was.
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Postby korri » 11 Feb 2008, 10:20

AlexanderDitto wrote:Also, the Crochet'd loading ready run hat? Where'd that come from? I want to crochet me up one of those bad boys. Is the pattern available?

wow, a man who can spot something crocheted! thats impressive... whoever made that had should totally post the pattern because its pretty much amazing...

also, paul is a surprisingly convincing teacher...

i've also had a prof tell us we were the stupidest class he ever taught, and i've taken classes where most people have failed.. and honestly my first thought when he said that everyone failed was.. well that just means they'll have a curve so almost everyone with actually pass...
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Postby Casandro » 11 Feb 2008, 10:20

Yes, the dolly moves are subtile but great.
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Postby Kaemon » 11 Feb 2008, 10:44

I've been re-watching alot of LLR videos. So I can be sure... that this is one of the best I've seen. Its just so funny. Its mainly a 1 man thing, but I guess thats what makes it so brilliant.

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