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Bagel Time

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:03
by Paul
Early update this week because... the video was approved and I was awake.

Out of curiosity, I just did a search and realized that we have not used "or IS IT?" in a video description yet. It's about time.

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:08
by CyberTractor
Holy crap. Very early video this week.

Now that I've watched the video...

Great shirt advertisement.

"Don't put the lab coat on!"

Great video. <3 My only gripe is that it was way too short. :(

Now I wait for other people to watch it.

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:24
by Allen!
I love bagels.

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:28
by Unlucky
"Because of how badly you screwed it up last time!"
"What the hell is this?"
"....and he's making me buy replacement toothpaste..."

^.^ I liked the ad too. "LRR shirts, leave a good corpse." :)
If there is a win out there, this is definitely made of it. :)

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:31
by wilson_x1999
Whoa, this was a REALLY early video XD

Awesome! Karma does work! that Son of a Bitch got what he deserved, that should teach him not to use Matt's Goddamn Fucking Toothpaste!

Also, Paul's always funny when wearing the lab coat XD

A bit short? yes, funny? fuck yes!

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:35
by Corax
lol my favorite part: "don't put the lab coat on..." "It's alerady on" "and once its on..."

in your face Graham!

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:37
by Flewellyn
This was quite funny! I particularly liked the bit with flipping the list upside down.

That, and Paul's extremely sketchy scientific reasoning.

But for some reason, I had the most glee at seeing Graham pasted with a bagel. I'm not sure's not like I wish harm upon Graham. Jer, yes. I think we all wish harm upon Jer. Even Jer wishes harm upon Jer. But Graham's just so darn likeable.

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:41
by Frost
hyummana-wha? early good times. ... wait I just had a full bag of 8 bagels. /me dies twice

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:47
by Smeghead
Nice to see it filmed in the old kichen, been missing it.

"All thouse wearing a labcoat; raise your hand" ( :) )

I expected them to give the 3 deadly bagles to someone, but that worked out much better.

A bit short yes, but the shirt add was cool :)

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:53
by Cake
I want a bagel now.

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:58
by Unlucky
Cake wrote:I want a bagel now.

Seconded. Also, LRR shirt ads on the sidebar? How long have they been there for?

Posted: 18 May 2008, 23:58
by notslade
awesome vid... and an early update makes slade happy... 0 views for all :p (yes, i know it means nothing no matter how you slice it. still, for me, it's awesome cause that just tells me how fresh the bagels are :3 )

heh, that's totally amusing how L.C. Paul just happens to have a projector and a screen set up. very funny X3

oh, and by the way...

check this out... i'm watching the shirt ad at the start... and none other then andy's awesome mug is in the random box below... 'at least you're not dead' :p


Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:03
by Smeghead
heh, I had that too, but I didn't think of it like that. Nice catch notslade

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:10
by Allen!
In reference to Slade, I actually had 'CCYD', another video in which Graham gets smoked in the face.

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:15
by notslade
allen: awesome, i remember that vid XD

just notice on the second watch through what graham is saying on the cell :p nice tie in. very nice... and you whine so well ;3

'it burns' X3

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:15
by CyberTractor
Allen! wrote:In reference to Slade, I actually had 'CCYD', another video in which Graham gets smoked in the face.

Same here.


Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:27
by RhysIsCoolerThanMudkips
this video was definitely quite a win.
and leave it to graham to take a bagel to the face.

BTW did you guys just buy an assorted group of bagels?

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:27
by CyberTractor
Going back and seeing it again, the projector effect could use a little work.

When Paul puts his hand in front of it, the image is still in front of his hand.

If you added a shadow behind Paul's hand, it would look more like a real projector.

In the event that my eyes deceive me and it is really a projector, I'm just dumb.

Nice bit at the end

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:47
by johnny
"Jesus, I've got a poppy seed in my eye. It burns! Why?"


Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:47
by Splunge
Good video this week. Nice follow on from Son of a Bitch at the end.
Interesting to see that Paul now makes a big deal of putting on the lab coat. Perhaps a song and dance in a later video?
Hang on... if those are the three deadly bagels...and one of them hit Graham.... OMG! Graham is dying! Graham, stay *AWAY* from the light! You can't quit on us now, damnit!

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:53
by notslade
i'm more worried about what will happen with the other two...

i mean, paul is a zombie... so i'm sure graham will come back to life too :p
no worries X3

BUT, there still exists two more death bagels.

A SUGGESTION: use them at a later date much like the phoam beer :3

just make sure to keep count...

the next one should be slung with abandon for whatever reason or no reason at all.

but the last one should be special :3 like for the end of season vid or something...

Posted: 19 May 2008, 00:58
by Bob The Magic Camel
Loved the video, am impressed by lab-coat Paul's amazing power-point-creation-speed.

Posted: 19 May 2008, 01:00
by Cake
Bob The Magic Camel wrote:Loved the video, am impressed by lab-coat Paul's amazing power-point-creation-speed.

Yeah! For reals, huh!

Posted: 19 May 2008, 01:05
by Pattmyn
Hahahaha nothing like 5AM and watching Graham get pegged in the head with a bagel to make you laugh loud enough to wake the whole house.

Good vid guys, just a tad short though.

Posted: 19 May 2008, 01:07
by Cake
See, I kinda feel opposite. I felt the lead in took too long. But once they got to the point, it was some good fun.