Sick Day

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Sick Day

Postby Paul » 16 Jun 2008, 13:09

It has been a while since we have had a Johnny_Lunchbox script, probably because he keeps calling in sick.
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Postby Hero of Canton » 16 Jun 2008, 13:14


No really, I watched it on Revver :P

On topic, awesome video.
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Postby Melendwyr » 16 Jun 2008, 13:21

Bravura performances by Matt and Graham. Kudos to everyone.

This video made me laugh uncontrollably!

Shades of SpaceBalls... "Sir! I didn't see you playing with your dolls again, sir!"
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Postby Dr Frankenjam » 16 Jun 2008, 13:21

"Aliens from space from the sky from space from space in space in the sky in space!" :lol:


Also, I don't think even Snake would be able to do anything against Metal Gear Prime!
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Postby blackdragontaz » 16 Jun 2008, 13:24

Dun dun danunun, dun dun DUN!! SNAAAAKE!!!!
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Postby Hakaryu » 16 Jun 2008, 13:27

Great job to Johnny for the script and awesome job to Graham and Matt. Where would we be without the dynamic duo?
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Postby Tensen01 » 16 Jun 2008, 13:29

Kudos to Graham to a spot-on Dylan Moran impression... Especially the "Listen, shut-up..." Black Books FTW
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Postby Melendwyr » 16 Jun 2008, 13:30

Was Matt just a generic boss, or did he have a funny employment of some kind?
" he turns to me, and he says 'Why so serious?' He puts the blade in my mouth, and says 'Why so serious?
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Postby CLegion » 16 Jun 2008, 13:31

I have to say, that was some great writing by Johnny_Lunchbox.

Great job by Graham, as well as the messages. Someone should keep Matt from playing with his action figures at work.

I had a feeling that it was all true in the end, but I couldn't think of how he'd prove it.

Good show!
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Postby Allen! » 16 Jun 2008, 13:31

Bahaha, this sounds like a LOT of the calls we get at work.
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Postby CaesarMagnus » 16 Jun 2008, 13:45

That was pretty good.

At the end of the video, I wondered just how entertaining it would be to just see a video of Matt playing with his toys - er I mean action figures. LOL!

You know, I think the best acting part was just the facial expressions and the silence as they listened to the messages. (There must be a ton of outtakes from cracking up)

So what was the alien's name (if you pronounced it backwards)?
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Postby Schmiddy » 16 Jun 2008, 13:48

I imagine that is exactly what Graham sounds like when he's wasted.
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Dominic Appleguard
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Postby Dominic Appleguard » 16 Jun 2008, 13:49

Excellent work. The bit where Matt puts Snake away and places 'Metal Gear Prime' at the front of the desk is understated brilliance.
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Postby Zed Alpha » 16 Jun 2008, 13:53

Cool. One of the first few hundred to see it.

Nice vid. Long time, no see, Mr. Lunchbox.
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Postby Daco » 16 Jun 2008, 13:55

very funny :D

that first background music... i know it from somewhere... >_>

EDIT: and it looks like mat really enjoyed playing with that snake & opt lol :D
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Postby Red Charlie » 16 Jun 2008, 13:57

Johnny Lunchbox! yay!

Glad he did a script I was kinda missing him - not that he does many but still. He does great gems :)

Love the drunk Graham.
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Postby EdZ » 16 Jun 2008, 14:09

Nice Flight of the Navigator reference. I really should watch that movie in it's entirety sometime.
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Postby King Kool » 16 Jun 2008, 14:10

Who was the secretary? She's not credited.

Also, yay Johnny_Lunchbox.
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Postby Dominic Appleguard » 16 Jun 2008, 14:13

Daco wrote:that first background music... i know it from somewhere... >_>

Yes, you do. Anybody who doesn't know, check the wiki.
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Postby Corax » 16 Jun 2008, 14:13

i didn't find drunk graham to be all that funny, actually i never like fake drunkness its just so artificial. the only funny part was when graham teleported away at the end.
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Postby CyberTractor » 16 Jun 2008, 14:17

I didn't find this video that funny. :/
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Postby rts_nick » 16 Jun 2008, 14:29

The alien's name backwards I think is "You/I have no life"...
It would be so much easier if my microphone could pick it up properly.

Nice video though
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 16 Jun 2008, 14:30

The previous-video reference this time was, of course, the Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake

Very funny, I laughed at "I am the Navigator!!" :D

The end line of him "summing up" his excuses initially made me think "Yeah, that was very clear, like the ending to MGS4...". Imagine my raucous merriment when he actually IS beamed up. Nice backward vocals too (Obviously done in post, but nice nonetheless)
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Postby korri » 16 Jun 2008, 14:32

i was enjoying the video in its sillyness, until the line "I must be roaming like a motherfucker" and then i lost it... i don't know why, i just did
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Postby Matt » 16 Jun 2008, 14:34

I've heard that line 20 plus times now, and I still can't keep a straight face through it.


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