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Rapidfire II - 02

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:10
by Paul
Mo' Rapidfire, mo' problems.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:13
by Telekenesis
Rapidfire is always full of epic awesome.

Edit; Love the nutcracker & McDonald's lines.


Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:19
by jtaylor
II - 02 needs more twos.

Did you intend for Graham's spring equinox comment to go up on the autumnal equinox for you and the rest of the northern hemisphere?

Also Door to Door!

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:20
by Dominic Appleguard
When Graham put his finger on Morgan's lips, it reminded me of something a friend of mine used to do: when somebody had been monologueing for a while, he would just place his finger on their lips and say, "No words. Just us."
It made for fun times.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:28
by theduckthief
"You're a robot aren't you?" Loved it!

Also, when Graham was shushing Morgan it reminded me of this:

One of Ginger Rogers' greatest moments.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:38

Why you have to put the captions? Confusing people not as fun as it use to be?

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:53
by theashigaru
This one was even more off-the-wall than other RF episodes! I loved it! The 'running joke' in this one was especially good, at least for me.

As an aside, the tag under the video has a grammatical error.
It currently reads:
"Comedy so fast The Flash once said, "Even though I am technically faster then Superman, I too agree that this comedy is quicker then what you typically see."

"Then" should be changed to "Than."

The tag gets a lol out of a possible rofl from me overall though.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:53
by Cheeseonfire
Comedy so fast it makes the Flash ramble.
Good show as per usual.
Umm keep it up, you guys kick the ass.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:54
by Smeghead
You just got Fridged!

Nice work. And Morgan is still getting my vote

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:56
by Dutch guy
Huray for more rapidfire epicness :P

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:57
by Emperor Gum
I don't know what you did Graham Stark, but this episode felt different to the last one; I actually really liked it. Coupled with you putting your hand on Shephard's shoulder, and that finger-to lips sketch (where you were so creepy it was scary*), this was awesome! PLus it continues the long standing tradition of not crediting Jer when he's in videos. Fridged!

*For some reason, I felt that when you walked back inside, you should have beckoned to Morgan to come in. Maybe that is too disturbing.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:58
by Philes
Smeghead wrote:You just got Fridged!

Nice work. And Morgan is still getting my vote

That quote, too, made me burst out into laughter.

Well done guys, can't wait to see the next Rapidfire!

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 11:59
by Matt
there were so many issues with forumites not understanding the concept of "intro bits" last time that graham figured the addition of tags would clarify the issue - solving both the problem of having to explain on the forum, and having to hope that people who DON'T post here got it too.


Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:06
by PaidTheUmpire
Loves it.


Also do your ice cream vans actually use that music, I thought they all played Greensleves?

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:11
by Matt
they all play "the entertainer" here.


Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:17
by Lyinginbedmon
That. was. Awesome!

The Bill & James bits were pure golden escalation, and everything else kept pace with them. The addition of titlecards to the intro bits certainly helped.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:22
by Misty
James and Bill's 'chicken fight' (ala Family Guy) was awesome :lol:

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:22
by Master Gunner

Also, wikified.
Do you think we could be allowed to upload stuff to the wiki? because linking to the pictures on the site makes them far to large for the wiki, but if they were hosted there they could be easily re-sized for the articles.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:27
by Triangular
Wow, I love this weeks video. One of my favorite ones in a while.
Haha, I really liked the James and Bill fight scene that kept going.

Rapidfire = Rapid Fiery Win
You should call it 'Rapidwin' :D

Hah, had to watch it again, the fridge part is also awesome.
Lol, it all is

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:29
by Ganondorf
Telekenesis wrote:ICE CREEAAM!


Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:35
by Kara
What was the game at the start that James and Bill were playing. Soul Calibur?

"I had sex with those women, and possibly him. In my defense, it was dark and I was very lonely."

Those bits and the Transformers one just made me rofl.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:36
by AwesomeAndrew
Personally this is my favorite Rapid fire, Morgan was awesome in it. And the fights (or ongoing fight/battle) between James and Bill were pretty great too.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:39
by Kara
Oh, and another thing. Just something to think about.

When Morgan is doing the door to door-style thing, is it the same Morgan who was approached by the Satanists? Perhaps has that Morgan become a Satanist and is now trying to pass on the book of Stan?

There are many options to think of.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:41
by Lord Chrusher
I take it that Graham still has not found the explanation sketches yet.

Posted: 22 Sep 2008, 12:43
by Aztec Cowboy Mafia
Uther Pendragon Smith.

Nice. 8)