Fun With Microwaves 2

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Postby Urdar » 23 Feb 2009, 15:27

I Really do think this needs more Action.

Plasma Of course is evry time a Good Idea (My tip: Tea-Light with fireproof glass upside down over it)

But if You want the Real fun, take a Bottle of Vodka, with a metal cap, opend and closed again, and get far, very far away from the Microwave (I really mean far away, totally, trust me)
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Postby Daco » 23 Feb 2009, 15:29

that was epic! :D
moar!! XD

to bad for the sudden ending tho
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Postby Lyinginbedmon » 23 Feb 2009, 15:32

"It's down for the count!" has to be one of Paul's better ending lines :D
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Postby Corax » 23 Feb 2009, 15:43

nice video, very worthwhile
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Postby Unclever title » 23 Feb 2009, 15:43

I love how the opening title when displayed looks like Fun with 2 Microwaves instead of Fun with Microwaves 2.

Which leads me to suggest:

With the LRR theme of meta (probably suggested before) but why not microwave a microwave. I understand a general lack of cheap huge microwaves to small cheap microwaves may be a problem so I have an alternate suggestion that will probably also be cool.

Why not at some point microwave a functional magnetron ripped out of a microwave? Of course this might well actually seriously damage a microwave so safety goggles everyone.


Edit: Also how did it turn out with the Hershey's kisses? Did the microwave only ever destroy the one or did it eventually lend it's torment to one of the others and one by one systematically destroy them all? Or... did the size of the flames from the one make you decide to give up early on the Hershey's kisses?
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Postby JerryArr » 23 Feb 2009, 16:05

Very awesome, guys! My favorites were the lightbulb in the shaving cream, then the LCD screen, then the marshmellow rope in the plastic.

Did you ever figure out what was up with that one Kiss? Was it possessed?
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Postby AwesomeAndrew » 23 Feb 2009, 16:11

The sequel I've been waiting for.
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Postby florn » 23 Feb 2009, 16:16

That was neato, but seemed a bit short, like someone said it felt more like fun with microwaves 1.1 then 2
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Postby Matt » 23 Feb 2009, 16:18

Re: shortness

Unfortunately, while filming this video we had a lot of stuff not work. As evident by the fact that it was dark when we started filming, we got a late start on it, and ultimately just ran out of time and stuff. I had hoped there'd be a little more usable footage than there was, but unfortunately this is pretty much everything worth watching.


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Postby Graham » 23 Feb 2009, 16:18

florn wrote:That was neato, but seemed a bit short, like someone said it felt more like fun with microwaves 1.1 then 2

I'd say 1.5.

Well, if people have something they'd like to see, I think we can always bring the pain with another one. Let us know what else we should micro-wreck.
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Postby The Jester » 23 Feb 2009, 16:29

Waht do fountain pens look like microwaved? That might be cool. Tinted sunglasses maybe?

Cool vid by the way guys, as allways. Monday's would never be the same without your quality entertainment now.
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Postby Nevrmore » 23 Feb 2009, 16:39

Stick a bobblehead in there.
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Postby masamune » 23 Feb 2009, 16:50

didn't have quite as much fun as the first video, but it still made me laugh like butthead.
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Postby Gurei » 23 Feb 2009, 16:55

Nevrmore wrote:Stick a bobblehead in there.
Just not a Pipboy one.
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Postby King Kool » 23 Feb 2009, 16:56

I really enjoyed this. It doesn't quite top the original, but it's still very awesome. It's good to hear the FWM chiptune again (the only reason I stared looking through the library was to find the Fun With Microwaves chiptune, which I still haven't.)

Other things you could microwave:

A huge stack of CDs. (I got a huge stack I want to get rid of, and if I didn't fear destroying my microwave, I would do it myself)
Unopened soda can or tin can (might be dangerous... maybe an open one, or maybe a plastic bottle)
A pencil cut down the middle (so a lot of the graphite is exposed)
Battery? (Nah, that's probably dangerous)
A Game Boy or old cell phone
Take a coin or something else that will get hot and leave it on top of a stick of butter so it'll melt through... or leave a knife on it and watch the hot knife... well, you know.
Do floppy disks do anything in a microwave?

I don't have any other ideas.
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Postby Zed Alpha » 23 Feb 2009, 17:10

I think that you need to make more of these. Definitely make more of these...And somehow include the lightbulb-in-shaving-cream-effect in one of your upcoming videos.

This is made of awesome, win, and gouda.

Furthermore, Sweet! I'm one of the first few hundred viewers!
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Postby Nevrmore » 23 Feb 2009, 17:10

Gurei wrote:
Nevrmore wrote:Stick a bobblehead in there.
Just not a Vault-boy one.

The Vault-boy bobblehead sitting right next to my laptop gave me the idea, Eff Why Eye.

I figure that the microwaves bouncing off the spring will cause the plastic head to melt. That'd be cool, right?
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Postby iEatNinjaZ » 23 Feb 2009, 17:35

Fun with microwaves was one of my favorite videos
and now there's a second one!

my head is gonna explode!!!

i really wanna go buy some marshmallow rope and eat it now
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Postby The R » 23 Feb 2009, 18:17

Yeah as said we did have a LOT of stuff (most suggested from the old thread) but a bunch of it just did nothing. From what I remember we tried and couldn't get to work/do anything interesting was:

-A pile of cinnamon
-4 different giant curcit boards (surprisingly did almost nothing despite the metal content)
-some other plasmaglobe thing
-Some canned food I cant recall
-either jello-like product or gack I cant remember
-a whole liquid soap pumper
-Clear liquid soap pumper
-Whole cans of pepsi
-A donated vintage radio tube (also did nothing WTF?)
-A taken apart videocamera
-Sparklers (Ive had good results before, but that night it just wasn't co-perating)

This was filmed about a week after last easter, so I got a bunch of the "marshmallow rope" on super discount. Geez time flys by. Also that was the beginning of my failed growing my hair long experiment; I should have kept it at where it was in microwaves 1.

One last thing, Im sad to say those microwaves are no more, despite cleaning and whatnot they just reeked of horrid chemical doom and were having issues since fire damaged part of it.
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Postby wuzoe » 23 Feb 2009, 19:28

Solid electromagnetic fun.

Though I have to admit, when I saw the title I was hoping it was actually a scripted sketch themed on the Fun with Microwaves segment, similar to the Is Paul's Boyfriend Cheating based on the magazine quizes...

Maybe you can fictionalize some microwaving fun into a future Hustle episode.
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Postby tak197 » 23 Feb 2009, 19:33

I love how Ray is so nonchalant with his response in the CD audio.

Paul: Is the water important?
Ray: I've heard it is. (like he was saying "Meh, it's cool either way, but the water makes it fun.")
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Postby Frozengale » 23 Feb 2009, 19:39

I'd say the Shaving Cream was the coolest part, or the popcorn...I hope you guys make a Fun With Microwaves III and get some cooler stuff
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Postby I, Nameless Slug » 23 Feb 2009, 19:51

ping pong balls are quite impressive. I have never done several at once but I'm sure it could only get better.
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Postby Nintendownz » 23 Feb 2009, 19:59

The R wrote:-Sparklers (Ive had good results before, but that night it just wasn't co-perating)

After all the stuff that those microwaves were put through, are you sure it wasn't just because the more stuff you tried, the less functional they became? That sounds like something that would work...
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Postby FlintPaper577 » 23 Feb 2009, 21:35

I suppose more combinations of already-hilarious ingredients could be interesting. Wrap a cd in marshmallow rope, cover it in shaving foam and throw some kisses in for good measure. Or some shit.

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