Worst Day Ever

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MadDog Strick
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Postby MadDog Strick » 13 Apr 2009, 12:30

i gotta tell you, i am excited about the puff of smoke disappearance! i read the caption below the video before a i watched it and was like "Could it be?". Great job guys!
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Postby Telaril » 13 Apr 2009, 12:32

I think that Matt does quite well as the irritated boss. I hope that becomes his "thing," like James the cop.
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Worst Day Ever

Postby RobertMc123 » 13 Apr 2009, 12:35

I fully expect to walk into my work to be fired for customer services akin to the likes of the video and now I have a way to get away from the firing, either that or I will just tell them I quit before they can fire me, that way I did it first.

Awesome vid.
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The Jester
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Postby The Jester » 13 Apr 2009, 12:41

Sweet, love the smoke bomb escapes :D
I would have run back to get the ballons too.

Usually when I want to escape from something I can't be bothered dealing with I say "Oh look, an eagle" and just walk off, regardless of what the other person does X)
Still, it'd be much cooler to be able to dissappear in a puff of smoke..
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Postby teknotheef » 13 Apr 2009, 12:44

I like that Tally is in videos recently. She's pretty funny.
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Magically Delicious
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Postby Cake » 13 Apr 2009, 13:03

I liked this video.
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Postby Narrator » 13 Apr 2009, 13:05

Look who's got a new toy!
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Postby Foyghost » 13 Apr 2009, 13:27

Nice to see my old smoke machine finaly geting some use,
aswome video guys

ps thanks for the mention :D
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Emperor Gum
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Postby Emperor Gum » 13 Apr 2009, 13:59

Ben's book made me lol. Need to go to bed...good work jamezzz...
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Postby Sauter » 13 Apr 2009, 14:00

This video was my favorite normal LRR video (excluding cHustles of course) in a while. Good job writing, James.
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Keith K
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Postby Keith K » 13 Apr 2009, 14:07

Wow, nice variation in setting. Nice sets too.

I'm not sure if disappearing in a puff of smoke technically 1-up's appearing in one, but you sure kicked Naruto's ass in quantity of smoke.
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King Kool
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Postby King Kool » 13 Apr 2009, 14:08

Ok, that was awesome. Probably my favorite for the last few months or so.

I also noticed how the smoke in the office scene was a digital effect. I guess you guys couldn't fill an office with smoke and set off the alarm for the whole building and get in buckets of trouble.

I forget when you guys said, "nobody's ever disappeared in a puff of smoke" but I know you did.
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Postby Wrai » 13 Apr 2009, 14:11

While a smoke machine is an awesome addition to any film set or... household, I'm more curious about where you got that giant check. o_o I've been looking everywhere for those!
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Postby iamafish » 13 Apr 2009, 14:19

great vid guys. between this and some classic red dwarf tonight has been pretty damn funny!
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Postby Darkobra » 13 Apr 2009, 14:43

Loved the story and the acting really sold this video. The ending was especially hilarious.
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Postby Foyghost » 13 Apr 2009, 14:45

See what awesome videos come of donating equipment,
I bet the LRR Guys would take more equipment,
heck I bet they would even take money lol
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Postby goat » 13 Apr 2009, 14:47

Nice work, those smoke puff effects are hawt.

The security cam was a nice touch, but the movement was kind of spastic. Definitely better than just a stationary shot, but the oscillation was a little too fast.

Great work guys.
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Postby xahldera » 13 Apr 2009, 14:50

For some reason, Graham being an ass is funny.

Good work guys. Reminds me of what ninja's do for some reason.
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Postby JesterJ. » 13 Apr 2009, 14:54

One of the better ones in a while! Great acting and writing all around, especially Graham when he's on the phone with the customer.

Although, the (security) camera going back and forth was really really really really really really really really really really REALLY distracting/annoying. I mean, I know it's supposed to be a security camera, but....it was painful, and detracted from Graham's performance in that scene. In my opinion.
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Master Gunner
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Postby Master Gunner » 13 Apr 2009, 15:03

Yeah, the security camera was going needlessly fast. Also, who would place a security camera that covers all of 2 desks? Ah well, since when have the decisions of management and contractors ever made sense?

Also, this is a perfect example of another type of asshole, that Graham pulls off well, but I don't think Matt could do. This guy was an asshole because that's what he was, and he honestly believed what he did was right and the best course of action. He wasn't that clever with what he did either. Thus, he was a complete asshole-douchebag. Matt tends to be far more careful and deliberate in his acting and asshole-characters. They know what they do is wrong, and revel in it. That's his style and what he pulls off well. This guy was simply an idiot who did all this asshole stuff, and then wonders why everybody hates him. Somehow, Graham pulls that off better, possibly because his smooth method of talking, as exemplified here, (and his physical appearance) better compliments popped collars and the actions associated with them.
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Affable Marmot
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Postby Lacerta » 13 Apr 2009, 15:10

Is that a Terry Pratchett book Tally is reading?
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Postby Stroggo » 13 Apr 2009, 15:39

"....runs back for balloons..." -Classic :lol: .

Well done James!
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Postby wilson_x1999 » 13 Apr 2009, 15:48

Thanks guys, I really needed a good laugh.

The title of this video applies to my day too, so I really appreciate what you do.

If only I could disappear in a puff of smoke, I would use it to steal as much money as possible XD
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Lord Chrusher
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Postby Lord Chrusher » 13 Apr 2009, 15:50

Lacerta wrote:Is that a Terry Pratchett book Tally is reading?

Lord Chrusher wrote:Terry Pratchett's Going Postal
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Postby FlintPaper577 » 13 Apr 2009, 16:05

Class act guys! Nice work, James! Best bit: "Two for two!"

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