The Joystique

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Re: The Joystique

Postby Emperor Gum » 10 Jun 2009, 09:52

Cade Antilles wrote:
Emperor Gum wrote:Too much bible.

I fail to understand your meaning. Care to explain?

You didn't, I just failed to stand a meaning (I had nothing to add). The video's is fine, it just needs the last minute cutting off; it doesn't add anything new, there aren't enough jokes, so it just leaves a weak end. I smiled throughout, however: "just plug...and play."
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Re: The Joystique

Postby zico » 11 Jun 2009, 04:55

Back in my days, we had two switches on the console (another to power it on or off)! Was enough! Why do we need all this new stuff like Joysticks?
Nah, I love my Wii. :D

But great Video - I like the satire.
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Re: The Joystique

Postby Fisher. » 12 Jun 2009, 08:48

Quite enjoyed the satire. Quite well done. I only wish that Matt could have looked up a little more. I understand that you were trying to convey the idea that the camera wasn't where the audience was, but presenters usually try to play to the back of the house at least a little bit, rather than just the front row.
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Re: The Joystique

Postby Mats » 12 Jun 2009, 11:51

Splunge wrote:Stay tuned for the next great controller from LRRtech: Project Paddal!

They will be perfect for playing Alone in the Dark.
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The LRR-Metroid Fan
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Re: The Joystique

Postby The LRR-Metroid Fan » 13 Jun 2009, 20:09

Clever, and witty, granted, but, for some reason, it wasn't very funny to me. Nicely done, though.
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Re: The Joystique

Postby qwagor » 15 Jun 2009, 12:45

First of all, well done Matt... The unnatural pauses, the mannerism, obvious reading from a stage placed teleprompter, pompous stance while announcing some trivial gimmick as "the next big thing"... Spot on! I bow to your thespian prowess.

Secondly - casual? The last thing I want to do when I get home after my 12 hour shift is to jump in front of the TV waving my hands like a retard. What's casual about that? Even my 12 year old son looks embarrassed when I barge into his room while he is playing Wii.
I used to feed coins to Space Invaders cabinet as a kid because I was rubbish at Table Football - that's how old I am...
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Re: The Joystique

Postby Zivlok » 22 Jun 2009, 21:40

Did you guys ever upload the version with the missing penis joke?
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Re: The Joystique

Postby JoeNewberry » 26 Jun 2009, 15:40

So there is a real person named Justin McElroy? Until you actually showed him I thought you were making a Phil Hendrie reference.
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LRR Crew
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Re: The Joystique

Postby Matt » 26 Jun 2009, 20:48

There is, he's an editor for the gaming blog Joystiq.


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Re: The Joystique

Postby Dorian » 27 Jun 2009, 05:29

I'm a huge fan of Justin McElroy (I listen to the Joystiq podcast weekly, where he co-hosts) and of course LRR. So when I saw that you combined both those things, I thought it would be impossible to add awesomeness to awesomeness. You guys proved me wrong. Loved the video, keep up the great work, guys!

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