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Re: Magicland

Postby rendelnep » 24 Aug 2009, 18:01

Splunge wrote:OK, hands up, and be honest...
Who echoed back "Pillage a Village" during the WoD segment?

*Puts his hand up*

I shouted it it back... I hated Barney the Dinosaur... this makes up for that.
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Re: Magicland

Postby kkief02 » 24 Aug 2009, 18:02

GIBB <3!!!
Graham wrote:It was less "filler" and more "I'm Morgan! I want to show off my hat! I have sex with dead horses!"
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Re: Magicland

Postby Arius » 24 Aug 2009, 18:12

I'll admit that I responded "Pillage a village."
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Re: Magicland

Postby Mortis » 24 Aug 2009, 18:26

I totally just acted like a little kid.
Yes, I responded to the whos that, say Pillage a village, and which items should we bring with us. XD
"omg! its Gibb!!" "Pillage a village." "the torch!!"
That was halarious.
I swear to god, if I ever see gibb, I'm going to snog that sexy sexy yeti death-eater. <3 <3
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Keith K
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Re: Magicland

Postby Keith K » 24 Aug 2009, 18:44

Massively entertaining!

I do feel as though the sketch suffered for lack of Morgan.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Rameriz » 24 Aug 2009, 20:18

The book that Paul's reading at the beginning, is that the book of greek myths? If so I have the same one!
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Re: Magicland

Postby Narrator » 24 Aug 2009, 20:47

I'd give it an A: Absolutely awesome. Another on the favorites list.
"Oh in the name of all the nameless-gods-of-infernal-darkness!"

Seriously, Tally did an awesome job on those guys. I love the close up shots. There's something very "Albi the Racist Dragon" about the whole thing. And I love Paul's "Simon". And yes, it's worded that way intentionally. :P

Magicland is definately not on the same page as (rightfully in its own class) but reminds me of this:
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Re: Magicland

Postby theDreamer » 24 Aug 2009, 20:49

Umm...Tally didn't make the Li'l Warriors.

Chemistring (she's on the forums) did.

Tally made the BACKGROUNDS that the li'l warriors play with sheep in.

Just, credit where credit is due.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Narrator » 24 Aug 2009, 20:51

Oi! Tis true. Misread the creds on the video.
Absolutely, credit where it is due!!

(thanks for correcting me! :D )
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Re: Magicland

Postby Raine » 24 Aug 2009, 21:13

I had to pause it at the mom joke...
and I TO was acking like a kid... and I squeed over Gibb...
and the WoD dolls... Just that that good!
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Re: Magicland

Postby Friv » 24 Aug 2009, 21:20

A truly brilliant episode. :)

And yes, I definitely echoed "Pillage a village" instinctively. It is a Pavlovian response.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Unclever title » 24 Aug 2009, 21:46

My childhood would have been ten times better if "Magicland" were on the air when I was growing up. Though I suppose I would pillaged and burned copious amounts of village.

Also nice hair at the screening advertisement Paul, still slicked from the video?

"Little Martin the Fluffy Watervole" made me laugh the second time hearing it.

Edit: I just love the way Lil' Derek looks turns toward the others after they "all together" say "Pillage a village!"
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Re: Magicland

Postby tak197 » 24 Aug 2009, 21:54

I'm pretty sure I not only replied "Pillage a village", but I did it in that 4 year old voice you hear on Blue's Clues. I don't know if that makes me more or less awesome.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Tally » 24 Aug 2009, 22:17

I'm pretty sure I not only replied "Pillage a village", but I did it in that 4 year old voice you hear on Blue's Clues. I don't know if that makes me more or less awesome.

Definitely more. I like to think that the Lil' Warriors bring out the child in everyone - y'know, that sweet faced 5-year old who liked to play with matches...
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Re: Magicland

Postby wilson_x1999 » 24 Aug 2009, 22:26

I loved Paul's voice at the end, it sounded like he was about to kill some kids if they didn't answer.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Philes » 24 Aug 2009, 23:16

The best video you guys have done in recent memory. Excellent writing and use of props! Paul's dulcet tones make for a soothing children's show host.
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Re: Magicland

Postby JesterJ. » 25 Aug 2009, 00:11

The lack of continuity in the Little Warriors part about "Which of htese items will we need to pillage a village?" between having the items in closeup and not having them in longshot was really cute. Kudos.
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Re: Magicland

Postby tamaness » 25 Aug 2009, 00:11

This is the first video in a long while that I've LOL'd at more than once during the video.

The sheep kicker at the end was awesome, too.

I'd watch a mini-WoD series. Totally. I might have to make some props and ship them to you guys.
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Re: Magicland

Postby draco » 25 Aug 2009, 00:20

i have to say it but the end was funny the sheep with the knitting needeles in it so funny
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Re: Magicland

Postby VanHelsing23 » 25 Aug 2009, 00:29

Well...yeah. I seem to recall Graham saying something about constructive criticism. Here it goes.

This video was...yeah. It just sort of came out of left field, and not the good left field where ideas like mining for ice cream or catching a song came from.
Don't get me wrong; It's good that you're experimenting. I certainly wouldn't want you to just release the same five videos every week, and all of the individual jokes were really funny. It just seems like the whole video was thrown together very quickly and slapped in front of us.
The concept of an inappropriate children's show has alot of comic potential, but it seems like you couldn't decide which aspect to build around and just did a chunk of everything, none of which went anywhere. I suppose this video was ment to get the humor out quickly, but I felt it could have been better if it had been given a bit more time.

On an almost unrelated note, the reason Steve from Blues Clues always wore sleeves was that he was he was a marine and he had to cover up the tattoos.
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Re: Magicland

Postby Mowinckel » 25 Aug 2009, 02:38

I like how Ulrick is trying to make the how-to instructions on pillaging a village kid friendly… I think that it needed a clip after Gib says hi from his____ where Poul is smiling and the knitting stick has damaged gib somehow
But a great video all and all
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Re: Magicland

Postby Machalllewis » 25 Aug 2009, 05:30

Woo Gibb!

Good video, I really liked it. Also the "Well gee Simon" bit was really funny.
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Re: Magicland

Postby MSPatrick » 25 Aug 2009, 08:17

I wish they had children shows that good when I was a kid!
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Re: Magicland

Postby bravetoaster » 25 Aug 2009, 09:16

Arius wrote:
Vigafre wrote:
bravetoaster wrote:Why can't Paul host an actual children's show?

Parental complaints, I assume.

Paul could kill a puppy in front of the Pope using the bible on national television and people would still trust him with their kids.

"Now, kids, do you know how we'll get this blood out of my wool sweater?" [Pause] "That's right! We'll use some nice, cold water to clean up that bad little puppy's mess!"

(And, yes, if I had kids, I'd still trust them with him.)
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Re: Magicland

Postby Chfan » 25 Aug 2009, 10:44

By the way, why were some Youtubers talking about Paul having a new hairstyle?
Well, hallo there.

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