NCAA March Madness

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NCAA March Madness

Postby jtaylor » 16 Mar 2010, 20:17

I don't know why, but I'm always really interested in the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament. Is anyone else? I know at least Tally is, since Kansas is predicted to by pretty much everyone to make it to the Final Four and is the favorite to win it all. I'm hoping Temple and Nova and Pitt all do well.
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Re: NCAA March Madness

Postby tak197 » 16 Mar 2010, 20:24

I already made up a bracket on ESPN. I did my part for the tournament.
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Re: NCAA March Madness

Postby korri » 17 Mar 2010, 05:31

I don't follow basketball, but I usually fill out a bracket just based on teams I like (like teams from around me, or Pitt, where I go to school now) and general guesses. Needless to say I usually do terribly...
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Re: NCAA March Madness

Postby goat » 17 Mar 2010, 10:59

I'll be rooting for my Spartans again, haven't made my bracket yet, though.

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