LRR @ the Vancouver Island Short Film Festival

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Postby Johnny_Lunchbox » 26 Jan 2006, 11:35

I would just like to state for the record that I do not support meatings except among concentual adults. What you do in the privacy of your own bedroom is nobody's business but yours. Just bear in mind that, while the luncheon meeting is common practice, I would strongly recommend not choosing a public forum for this bold new 'meating' tradition of social networking.
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Postby Under13 » 26 Jan 2006, 12:43

Congrats guys!

You'll go far, riding on the coat-tails of Andy's lovable-scampiness and Ash's smouldering hawtness.

I kid, I kid. Seriously. I had several friends in college that all were aspiring short-film creators. It's always good to see all the dedication you pour into this endeavour show some return.

Heartfelt congrats.

And I am saddened that I missed out on getting to make the "meating" joke. Suck.

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