Sickest movies you've seen.

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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Jack » 10 Jun 2010, 09:32

Lyinginbedmon wrote:

The trailer alone will make you never want to hear the phrase "kiri kiri kiri" ever again.

Pff. That wasn't scary at all! You guys are total wimps!

Now excuse me, I need to clean that puddle of urine that I absolutely did not make while watching that trailer.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Lyinginbedmon » 10 Jun 2010, 15:49

And that's not even the whole movie.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Cureless_Poison » 10 Jun 2010, 17:27

I have a hard time being legitimately scared of horror films/games.

The last time I ever felt real fear from media was playing the demo for Silent Hill when I was 9, haven't feared anything since.

EDIT: Never mind, I remember howling like a sissy while playing Penumbra.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby jaidenscott » 28 Jun 2010, 04:26

I guess it'd have to "Audition", which had some pretty disturbing moments in it. 3 people in the theatre I was in walked out and when a mate went to see it, one man went to leave and made it to the exit then fainted.

Personally, I thought it could have been made even more disturbing, but overall it was gruesome.

It was a nice schizophrenic movie, in that it started off as a pleasant, kinda boring, love story but then just twisted right round and went sicko/bizarre. The bit when she's pushing needles into his eyes and happily singing in a little girls voice 'deeper deeper deeper' is pretty bad. But not the worse bit.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby BipsCutie » 28 Jun 2010, 07:39

the only film that proper shit me up was The Descent.... but it was the first horror film i watched and the dvd broke and skipped to the scariest bit when we had no idea what the film was about D= ... also i was 13 years old.... but i still refuse to watch it....
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby epocalypse » 28 Jun 2010, 13:15

You know, battle royale does have it's moments, and I second oldboy on both accounts. Cannibal the Musical is pretty darn hilarious.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Zhyard » 28 Jun 2010, 14:39

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky is probably the most hilariously violent and gory movie I've ever seen.
The only movie I can think of that has actually disturbed me was REC, especially the end was really intense.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Nevrmore » 28 Jun 2010, 15:39

Someone just bring up Salo: 120 Days of Sodom and close the thread.

Oh shit I already did it.
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Re: Sickest movies you've seen.

Postby Cade Antilles » 28 Jun 2010, 16:03

I haven't actually seen it, but I'm told that The Last House on the Left is particularly brutal and disturbing.

As for films I've seen, I'd have to go with Seven.

As a general rule, I usually don't watch sick/twisted films. Not my proverbial cup of tea.
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