Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

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Digital Dolphin
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Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby Digital Dolphin » 21 Jun 2010, 20:41

If you watched Desert Bus and took part in the chat, then you already know the legend of Kroze. What you may not have known is that he is musically gifted. He also may or may not be a cat.

You decide:
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Elomin Sha
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Re: Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby Elomin Sha » 22 Jun 2010, 07:19

Kroze rocks the keyboard.
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Re: Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby AmazingPjotrMan » 22 Jun 2010, 13:03

Legends fade, I am forever.
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Cade Antilles
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Re: Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby Cade Antilles » 22 Jun 2010, 14:47

"May the Force rock you!"

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Re: Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby TomBrend » 22 Jun 2010, 17:34

Blessed be thy master, for he is Kroze, and he is good.
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Mister Fiend
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Re: Keyboard Cat + Kroze = ... *facepalm*

Postby Mister Fiend » 22 Jun 2010, 18:09

I once high fived Kroze on a plane, the next day Kidneyism was cured so thoroughly that it erased the disease from time and no one has ever or will ever have it.
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