Is Alex an official crew member yet?

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Danielle Pepin
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Re: Is Alex an official crew member yet?

Postby Danielle Pepin » 18 Jan 2011, 07:31

The Jester wrote:So do I... I can make things. :(

I know it was in cH but it wasn't sure how that part was meant. I don't really tend to chat to the crew (another thing that makes me sadface a little), so I wouldn't have that as a source of information. Image

Haha, I also got a mental image of Graham, sat like a mob boss behind a big desk and in a suit, going "You work for LRR now, got that?" to a terrified Alex. Image

I think it would be more like the crapshots where Alex does his magic on Graham.

Graham: "Thanks for the free editing work, Alex. Wonderful knowing we don't have to pay you since you're not a full member of LRR!"

Alex: "OH AREN'T I???"

Alex swivels around in managers chair and points to Graham like he's been put on janitorial duty for the toilet again. hehehe
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The Jester
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Re: Is Alex an official crew member yet?

Postby The Jester » 18 Jan 2011, 07:32

Hahahah, yeah that could work too. :D
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Re: Is Alex an official crew member yet?

Postby Mowinckel » 18 Jan 2011, 12:00

I want to see a CH where the new and spunky Alex uses his magic powers to help the crew... By the way am I the only one seeing that Alex's use of "magic" is pushing the boundaries of reality in the same way that Paul's "science" is... I want to see that duel, magic vs technology...
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Re: Is Alex an official crew member yet?

Postby JackSlack » 18 Jan 2011, 17:35

Graham wrote:We SHOULD update the about page. reflect the fact that, yeah, he's totally full-fledged crew now.

TV Tropes wiki now updated. :) Alex makes the jump to crew! Go Alex!

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