Peter Faulk RIP

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Elomin Sha
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Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Elomin Sha » 24 Jun 2011, 11:40 ... -Falk.html

There will be no more "Just one more thing." Columbo has smoked his last cigar and hung up his trench coat. I loved his shows.
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby concupiscentcrustacean » 24 Jun 2011, 11:48

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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Lyinginbedmon » 24 Jun 2011, 16:32


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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Cybren » 24 Jun 2011, 20:54

Columbo is easily my favorite television character of all time.
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby duw » 24 Jun 2011, 22:54

Now it is no more thing. :(
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Jillers » 25 Jun 2011, 04:59

Now he can't come back and read me the Princess Bride again tomorrow. Sigh.

Side note, as a kid, watching that, when he says "As you wish" at the end, I took that to mean that he was Westley.
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Zombaholic » 25 Jun 2011, 20:29

Funny, I was talking to my friend on how you would end Columbo's stories.

A great actor will be missed, and possibly a great duder
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby Duckay » 25 Jun 2011, 23:27


I remember thinking that as a kid, too, Jillers. Well, there's enough layers of reality in the book that that's not so weird a theory.
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Re: Peter Faulk RIP

Postby 2stepz » 26 Jun 2011, 10:50

Think I'm gonna have to watch Princess Bride to day in rememberance. RIP Mr. Faulk. You will be missed!

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