Happy Birthday Paul!

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Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Graham » 28 Jun 2011, 12:07

It's Paul's birthday today!

Since he doesn't use Facebook or Twitter, this is your best bet to wish him a good one.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Elomin Sha » 28 Jun 2011, 12:10

Happy Birthday Paul. Put your birthday cake on your head.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Vanguard » 28 Jun 2011, 12:10

Happy Birthday Paul, you gorgeous, brilliant man you.

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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby The Jester » 28 Jun 2011, 12:16

Hey Paul dude! Have a Most Excellent day! Party On! :D
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Lyinginbedmon » 28 Jun 2011, 12:43

Be excellent to yourself, dude!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Valliac » 28 Jun 2011, 12:51

Happy Birthday, Paul! Go do some Mad Scientist things...or something. >>
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby AlexanderDitto » 28 Jun 2011, 12:52

Paul, my sincerest good wishes and felicitations on your birth day! I hope your day is fantastic and filled with cake, and that the coming year brings you joy and health and happiness, and maybe a jet-pack.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby ElementalAlchemist » 28 Jun 2011, 12:52

You're gorgeous! </overused> :P
Have a great birthday, and know that your awesome does not go unappreciated!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Drinnik » 28 Jun 2011, 12:56

Happy Birthday, Paul!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby thatlaurachick » 28 Jun 2011, 13:00

Congratulations Paul, you survived another year. :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby DarkMorford » 28 Jun 2011, 13:02

Happy birthday, Paul! Spend it doing something fun and awesome for yourself! Maybe install Linux on the couch or something...

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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby ecocd » 28 Jun 2011, 13:05

Happy Birthday Paul! If everyone else is a 9.9 on the cool scale, you're still a 10 out of 10.

I'm old enough to remember Paul's Beard. If you start now, maybe it can make a return appearance for Desert Bus. The Warriors of Darkness just aren't the same without it.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Psycat Aurora » 28 Jun 2011, 13:05

Happy birthday!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Darkobra » 28 Jun 2011, 13:17

Happy birthday, estranged one!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby semysane » 28 Jun 2011, 13:26

Happy spirit journey formation anniversary!

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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby EikoandMog » 28 Jun 2011, 13:33

Happy Birthday Paul, congratulations on one more foot closer to the grave.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Keab42 » 28 Jun 2011, 13:38

Congratulations on your solar orbit!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Mowinckel » 28 Jun 2011, 13:41

Happy Birthday, congratulations and festivitas
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby TheRocket » 28 Jun 2011, 14:07

A birthday you haz? HURRAY!! I wish you the least amount of *pewpews* and the most amount of *omnoms* :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby MrParivir » 28 Jun 2011, 14:12

Happy Birthday Paul! And Happy Unbirthday to the rest of you!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby EnglishMQ » 28 Jun 2011, 14:14

Yay! Happy Birthday!
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Danzama » 28 Jun 2011, 14:18

This is why you're Paul, because you're awesome.

Happy birthday, mighty beardless one
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby Master Gunner » 28 Jun 2011, 14:20

TheRocket wrote:Apparently the crotch area could not contain the badonkadonk area.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby tak197 » 28 Jun 2011, 14:34

I wrote you a birthday limerick.

There once was a man named McPlucker...

Wait, that's a different one.

Oh well, happy birthday, Mister Season One Box Set Of 30 Rock.
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Re: Happy Birthday Paul!

Postby mooseblaster » 28 Jun 2011, 14:35

Harpy barpday to boo.

Ib sobby, I hab a code.
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