aeric90... in England.

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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby leapy » 03 May 2012, 13:07

aeric90 wrote:It's impossible because I'm Canadian.

Oh well! In that case a Special pressie for you.

Also some Background info to avoid inadvertent oopsies.
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby rustak » 04 May 2012, 06:07

I'd love to be able to get to York.. never been anywhere in the UK outside of London, but won't be able to really do anything other than London and the tournament in Manchester. Looking forward to Manchester though, despite the warnings about it being bleak and dreary :)

Ayailla, since you mentioned a bunch of info about Manchester... any suggestions on where to book a team dinner for 20-25 semi-rowdy ruggers near Canal St/train station? :D
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby SilPho » 04 May 2012, 08:10

A quite note regarding the London Dungeons, they are owned by the same company operating Madame Tussaud's, the London Aquarium and the London Eye, therefore you can get combined tickets for many of these and it will save you a little bit of money.

Though I wouldn't personally recommend Madame Tussaud's since it's all just celebrity culture. And an aquarium is an aquarium no matter how you put it, but I'm guessing it's good in comparison to others.
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby Keab42 » 17 May 2012, 14:36


Are we going to arrange a meetup? Just over a week to go...
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby Geoff_B » 17 May 2012, 14:49

I would have to leave at about half 3 but I'd be happy to meet up any time before that.
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby LogicSword » 17 May 2012, 14:57

I'm definitely there on the 26th. In cosplay, so I'll look ridiculous, but hey.
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Re: aeric90... in England.

Postby aeric90 » 25 May 2012, 09:08

So I'm extremely nervous. Me flight is in like 8 hours. Since I won't be getting into London until around Noon or 1 PM I don't know that I'll be able to swing by the convention but I'll drop the temporary phone number I have in here once I get it so you guys can text me or something.
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