Sherlock Lives

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Re: Sherlock Lives

Postby PlasmaCow » 20 Feb 2014, 15:42

I do hope it isn't Moriarty - but that's mostly because I had a wickedly cruel idea way back after first seeing Reichenbach Fall.
Specifically my idea was that when it is, in years to come that Moffat/Gatis/Cumberbatch/Freeman agree that it's time to let the series end (they've repeatedly said that due to the short but intense nature of the production they can happily take 5 or 10 years off rather than just 2 if the cast/crew want a break from it) – essentially that at the end of the final scene of Sherlock and Watson saying goodbye/walking into sunset/whatever the camera pans away from them to reveal Andrew Scott (the actor that plays Moriarty) standing in the shadows watching them. I just think that would make a really fun and cruel final twist.

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