Allentine's Day - 2014

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King Kool
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Re: Allentine's Day - 2014

Postby King Kool » 14 Feb 2014, 21:15

I'm surprised you bothered putting my avatar in, since it's going to change and not make sense. (Then again, the ONE time I toy with relevance to my name... of course, that's when it gets captured for eternity. Or perhaps... (sunglasses) frozen.

EDIT: ANOTHER post at the top of the page? What is UP with me lately?
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Elomin Sha
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Re: Allentine's Day - 2014

Postby Elomin Sha » 15 Feb 2014, 00:25

Shaka Ninja.
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Re: Allentine's Day - 2014

Postby Allen! » 15 Feb 2014, 00:28

Faylii, you're my Allentine this year. <3
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Lord Hosk
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Re: Allentine's Day - 2014

Postby Lord Hosk » 15 Feb 2014, 04:39

Psyclone wrote: I suppose the fact that I'm not on the card is just an indication that I need to be more active.

Dont think you were left off the allentine as a slight, I was at school, I just grabbed icons from the first page of the first 10 threads in general, then the first page of all the front pages of site news until it filled up.

Psyclone you have always been and will always be my Allentine.

Along with everyone else.
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Re: Allentine's Day - 2014

Postby Kapol » 16 Feb 2014, 18:27

Graham reminded me, everyone is my favorite Allentine, even if they aren't named appropriately.

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