The Top 10 LRR Thread! [OLD. IGNORE.]

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The Top 10 LRR Thread! [OLD. IGNORE.]

Postby Elah » 21 Aug 2014, 19:02

UPDATE: We are now using THIS THREAD: If you've already posted here, please copy-paste your lists to the new one. Thanks! <3

As our friends suggested in the LRRCast for August 15, 2014, we should start compiling "top lists" by aggregating fan favorites! I'll be happy to do the math myself, but if someone could write/make/provide some way that we could automate the process, that would be cool, too.

THIS THREAD IS FOR YOUR TOP 10 LRR SKETCHES OF ALL TIME. I've made other threads for Bottom 5 and top 5 per season. Make sure in your post that you specify where the top and bottom of your list is. THIS LIST DOES NOT INCLUDE cH. I'll go ahead and start.

1 (best). Informational Presentation
2. Reality Tear
3. Hot and Saucey
4. The Birds, the Bees, and the Bears
5. The Crazy One
6. The Couch
8. Munro's Meats
9. Deeply Religious
10. Snake Oil
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Re: The Top 10 LRR Thread!

Postby mariomario42 » 21 Aug 2014, 21:38

Drugs, Drugs, Drugs
The Bodypaint Problem
Frank Miller's SimCity
Fear Itself
A Warning
Cruise Vacation

Went back through, and luckily added exactly ten to ones I knew I enjoyed. This goes back to mid 2009 where I first started watching. Also not in order of enjoyment. If I have to pick a top probably
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Re: The Top 10 LRR Thread!

Postby SilPho » 21 Aug 2014, 22:52

Do they need to be in order?
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Re: The Top 10 LRR Thread!

Postby Elomin Sha » 22 Aug 2014, 01:09

You could have put all of these into one thread, three is overkill.
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Re: The Top 10 LRR Thread!

Postby Robo4900 » 22 Aug 2014, 03:58

Agreed, an all-in-one thread would be helpful.
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Re: The Top 10 LRR Thread!

Postby Elah » 22 Aug 2014, 06:15

Good point, guys. Watch for the new thread in a bit. :)

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