Any fans of horror games? LBA creators need help....

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Any fans of horror games? LBA creators need help....

Postby Darkflame » 01 Nov 2014, 13:37

Now, I am going to advertise something here.
No...dont run away...
Ok, its a crowdfunded..., come back...
*straps people to their seats*

Ok, theres a game creator I love who created the Little Big Adventure games. (also know as Relentless or Twinsens Adventure in some regions). He is also best know for the creator of the first Alone in the Dark game - arguably the first survival horror game (at least, of the form many knew it in).

Now, I owe this guy...indeed the whole team...a lot.
Not only did he give me the joys of some great game, he also is responsible for me finding my partner. (We have been happly together 10 yearsish now. We met on a forum dedicated to the games).

Sadly, they haven't had much luck making games beyond LBA2.
Their big Dreamcast horror game (Agatha) was almost finished before the system died and their publisher stopped wanting anything to do with it. Then there was two other canceled games, something from Ubisoft that made it to Beta but no further. A few small facebook and one DS puzzle game got published.

Anyway, in recent years they got the rights back over Little Big Adventure and released it on and ported it to mobile devices. They have started their own independent studio and are kickstarting (actually ulul-ing?) a horror game:

They want to make a new LBA game, but thats much much more costly, so they are doing smaller projects like this first.
Please take a look.
Fair warning though; Its VERY NSFW, and is pretty darn disturbing despite being voxel based artwork wise.

They are currently half funded and could do with a lot of help spreading the word.

Thanks for listening, and sorry if this is a bit spammy. :oops: :oops: <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Re: Any fans of horror games? LBA creators need help....

Postby Bunnyrabbot02 » 27 Aug 2015, 02:02

I used to play LBA 1 & 2.

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