Top #5 LRR?

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Top #5 LRR?

Postby JackSlack » 31 Dec 2014, 18:05

So, Andy decided to celebrate the final LRR weekly sketch by posting his Top 5 LRR Sketches.

His list was (with my editing to forumify):

Andy wrote:#5 - Rapid Fire, Series 1 (especially the bits with Johnny and Graham)
#4 - Krogslist
High-concept puns and caveman syntax. Most pleasing.
#3 - The Jonny Series
Brilliant character writing. Also I love Story Guy and The Whole Story series.
#2 - It's Very Simple
LRR meta at it's best. Elegantly written, and amazing when performed live.
And still my favourite after nearly 8 years - #1 - Eyewitness Accounts
The story telling in Eyewitness Accounts is gorgeous. I'm going to talk about it for a bit. You've got all these vivid characters, such distinct flavours of people, sharing their perspective of the same story. And an EPIC story; a huge screwball scenario, but with all the varied & intimate points of view, it somehow feels like it actually happened. The use of dramatic irony: the way the segments are edited, the context in which they are placed ... It all serves to heighten the unseen relationships between the characters and the absurdity of the story. The world-building is so subtle, but beautiful. The employees in the furniture store, the mall cop, the sculptor ... They're all on the screen for maybe twenty seconds each altogether, but I understand how they all fit, how they feel about each other. And it just keeps chugging; the momentum doesn't stop. The story has a marvellous arc and swell to it. Amazing considering that the actors had no idea what the whole story was. At least I didn't. They fed me my 3 or 4 lines and that was it. And maybe it's my favourite because it has so many of my friends in it, all in something beautiful together.

So this lead me to my thoughts: What are your Top 5 LRR Weekly Sketches, now that they're all wrapped up? Why those five? And do you notice any common elements among your favourites?
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby SohNata » 31 Dec 2014, 18:34

I'm not sure about a Top 5, but I think I'm with Andy on the point of Eyewitness Accounts being my favourite. The writing and editing in that is utterly fantastic.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby AdmiralMemo » 31 Dec 2014, 18:43

I'm with you folks on the top being Eyewitness Accounts... Not sure about the rest just yet, but The Couch falls somewhere in there.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby JackSlack » 31 Dec 2014, 19:16

My list was:

5. Munro's Meats. I just love the tension and black humour the whole situation presents, and I thought all three people were on their A game for it.
4. Deeply Religious. I'm a sucker for Kathleen's glorious commitment to absurdist scenarios. This is one of her best. Graham killed it.
3. Cursing. Amazing character dynamics. I always thought Matt & Graham had the best two man dynamic in LRR.
2. Son of a Bitch. A brilliant concept with wonderful swerves and yet almost single minded focus.
1. Echo. I cannot stop laughing every time I watch this one. The way it jumps back and forth with the three characters constantly at each others throats cracks me up, and the 'Austrian Stableboy' moment is possibly the best comedy I've ever seen Andy do. His silent fury sells the shot.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Ad Vurt » 31 Dec 2014, 19:42

5. Son of a Bitch
A video that really explores a joke to completion. I nearly put "EVERYTHING IS FINE" or "SPRING!" in this slot for the exact same reason, but this video did it first. It's not only a full exploration of a joke, but it gets funnier every iteration. It also features the greatest acting that I've ever seen from Matt. He pulls off intense burning rage like no one else.

4. Vietnam
Yes, a season 1 video. As someone who's always found the pretentiousness of modern art funny, when I saw this video I couldn't stop laughing. It's beautifully up its own ass for the sake of being up its own ass and always manages to be funny, right from the starting extreme closeup of the pasta to the end.

3. All The Little People
One of LRR's most quotable sketches. You won't believe how many times I have said "I have to go... now... because... I have a fire.... stuck... in my pants.... I'LL SAVE YOU A PIECE", "torrid fantasy love affair with a giant multi-armed monster man", "the idea that Graham is a homosexual is humorous in its unexpectedness!", and pretty much every other line of the video. IMHO, this is LRR's Parrot Sketch, with its creativity and utter hilarity contained within EVERY SINGLE LINE OF DIALOGUE. Some of Paul's best comedic acting in this one.

2. The Writers' Room
Probably not the most laugh-out-loud funny video in this list, but I adore the concept of this video and I love how well it is executed. Andy is amazing as always, and so is everyone else. I love how over the course of the video you slowly work out what is happening, and at the end you are left in a state of awe. One of the most intelligent and most well-acted sketches that LRR have ever pulled off.

1. OMG! Bears!
The only LRR video to leave me a laughing teary mess on the floor. The whole video is simply absurd, keeps getting more weird, and it all builds up to one of the funniest punchlines that I've ever seen in anything. I'd give my left nut to watch this video for the first time again. One of the funniest videos on the internet.

Honourable mentions that missed the list:
The Secret Life of Toast - Because it's ridiculous and amazing
Three PS3s - The video that first got me into LRR. It holds a special place in my heart.
Installation Anxiety - So good they made it twice.
The LoadingReadyRumble - The first uber-fanservice video. It is glorious.
LoadingReadyRap - 64K are always awesome, but the first one had the phattest beats in my opinion.
Quantum Documentary - Super meta.
Down with the Sickness - One of the videos that I use to introduce people to LRR. Very funny and clever.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby King Kool » 31 Dec 2014, 22:45

I still hope to make a video about it, so I won't say just yet.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Kapol » 01 Jan 2015, 13:06

I'm going to leave this to the sketches and not cH, as I kind of view those as their own weirdly separate thing. These are not in any particular order. Unless they are. Who knows?
Click to Expand
    -The Alternative to Telemarketers: I was lucky enough to watch the first season of LRR thanks to the generous people who sent their own DVDs on a long journey. Maybe it was due to me enjoying the more... jovial feel of the entire season, but I liked it. And this was the one video that really stood out to me. I believe they mentioned that it was their first scripted video in the commentary. The idea behind it, the pacing, and most of the jokes felt pretty solid to me. I had a lot of fun with it. It might not be one of their best works, but it was one that I enjoyed quite a bit.

    - Rapidfire season 3: It might be a bit cheap to choose an entire season of sketches. But I'm going to do it anyways. Rapidfire almost always manages to get some good laughs out of me. And they only got better with time. Also, while I wasn't able to find him in his own video, it brought us the man from Dave's Discount ads. And nothing can beat him? Except maybe Zach Meatfist but what are, the chances of them meeting.

    - Johnny: Again, taking a bit of an easy route. But the dudebro J-man cannot be stopped on his way to fortune and fame. Or maybe he can and he just doesn't remember. Listening to his stories was always quite fun. And the dark turn towards the end of the series was something unexpected. Overall, it was a good time.

    - Papers, Please: Andy turned what was a really funny fan-script into something much, much more. The improv at the end was hilarious. And honestly, I think he just managed to bring the character to life in a wonderful way. Just a really fun video really.

    1. The LoadingReady Rumble 2: I said these weren't in order, but I think this might end up being my all-time favorite. Could it just be because it's the newest? Yes. But I don't feel that's the case. The video seems like it's super strong and shows just how far the group has come since the first rumble.

    As a bit of background, I started watching LRR about Season 7. So the first Rumble was kind of lost on me at first. This one, however, has most of the characters I've really liked since I started watching. It manages to keep a good, consistent humor to it and had me laughing throughout the entire 15 minute runtime. The fact it has everyone killing everyone else makes me feel a bit weird. But the Rumble isn't canon. So don't worry about it.

    In the end, I feel the LoadingReady Rumble 2 was likely one of the best send-offs for weekly sketches we could have hoped for. It was a blast from start to finish, had enough content and references to make the runner in me squeal, and overall was very well done.

Honorable mentions (Videos I very strongly considered for the top 5. Very much not in order):

Click to Expand
Suspend Your Disbelief - This is an episode I know the crew talked about remaking, and it never really coming together. While I would still like to see that, I think this episode stands pretty well even now.

Joe's Used Cards - See: The Alternative to Telemarketers for a similar breakdown of why I still like this season 1 video.

The Whole Story - I decided I could only put one of either this or Johnny onto the list, and I think Johnny barely one. It was close. Every Whole Story episode has managed to crack me up. Listening to NFB talk about everything from Desert Bus to batteries, it's always a joy to listen to him go on and on.

More rapidfire!

Quick shots punctuated by lots of yelling and weirdness. How could I not love it. It actually kind reminds me of the style of Edgar Wright. And considering he's one of my favorite directors, that's a good thing.

EVERYTHING IS FINE. - It's a lot like SPRING! And that's certainly not bad. It's kind of a one-note joke that plays itself out in a wonderful way. But it's different enough to still feel fresh and fun.

Conspiracy Theorist - I'm kind of sad we didn't see much more of these characters. But there's always room for the future, thankfully.

Kroglist - I feel this one is helped by the Crapshots that came after. But it built such a weirdly immersive caveman world that manages to poke fun at the present... I can't help but love it.

Formal Complaint - This meta sketch was a good one. Throw in Andy, and you can't go wrong.

Fiscal Irresponsibility - Was that a minor deity doing it's job, or just a guy who works for the store? Who knows!? But it doesn't matter because Graham no-selling the fairy pushed the video over the top. The fairy is always with all of us.

The Couch - Surreal humor that culminated in a great stinger. I don't know what else to say.

Eyewitness Accounts - See OP

Fun with Microwaves series - See: name of videos

Social Anxiety Fear Factor - Cringy at first, but I enjoyed it once it took off. It managed to hit pretty close to home. But I think I'd still call it a favorite.

Antiquing - Watching Beej slowly become more and more disheveled throughout the entire video made it a strong joke overall.

Professional Stabbists - Because professional stabbing is a sport I still feel needs to be recognized by people.

Honorable Honorable mentions (these weren't close to being in the top 5, but I still like them a lot):

Annette: Internet Receptionist

And many, MANY more that I likely shouldn't name due to using a lot of space already.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby JackSlack » 01 Jan 2015, 13:18

I'm wildly delighted at how few sketches are hitting more than two people's lists. Diverse opinions.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby RedNightmare » 01 Jan 2015, 13:24

#5 - Santa & Me My absolute favorite Christmas video. I always rewatch it around the holidays.

#4 - Hot & Saucey This sketch really exemplifies what I like about LRR: Escalation. It's a style I emulate quite a lot in my own sketches.

#3 - Mercenary Solutions (all of them) I absolutely adore these characters. Competence and comedy have never been so well combined.

#2 - Ransom Another video that escalates beautifully. For a long time this was my go to sketch when introducing people to LRR.

#1 - Spring I just love the complete insanity of this whole sketch. The crazy swears, the weird situations, Paul's bewilderment and that all ending in a great cresendo once Summer gets mentioned.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Robo4900 » 01 Jan 2015, 16:19

5 isn't enough for me, so I'll do 10 and put the lower 5 in collapse tags.

5. Suspend Your Disbelief - Should explain itself. :)
4. Secret Of The Sauce - Amazingly well written.
3. Installation Anxiety - The first LRR video I ever saw, and It's always been a favourite.
2. The Writers Room - Amazing video. The punchline always kills me, and I cannot praise this enough.
1. Eyewitness Accounts - Whether or not this is better than Writers Room is an extremely close call, but at this moment, I'm leaning more towards this one.

Honourable mentions are SPRING, EVERYTHING IS FINE, Rumble 1, Season 4 Finalé, Rapstar 64K, and Rumble 2.

EDIT: Also, my favourite season is season 4.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby JackSlack » 02 Jan 2015, 14:22

Huh. I'd forgotten Munro's Meats was an Andy written sketch, making three of my top five sketches Andy penned, including my top one.

Yeah, I'm kind of an Andy fan.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby SAJewers » 02 Jan 2015, 14:26

My Top 5, in no order:

Formal Complaint - I'm a big fan of things like this
Just Drive - The sheer ridiculousness of this makes this, for me, one of LRRs' funniest sketches.
Everything is Fine - While Spring! is pretty great, I like this one better.
Eyewitness Accounts - See above mentions
Poker Before Dusk - Off the top of head, this is probably the second or third funniest sketch for me.

Honourable Mentions go to Decadent Sports League, Secret of the Sauce, Bad News, Split Decision, and Le Cafe.

EDIT: Forgot about Le Cafe and Poker Before Dusk.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby CaptainEnder7 » 02 Jan 2015, 16:28

My 5, in no particular order:

Questionably Legal Man - I just love this sketch. And I someday hope to make both QLM and DIB in Mutants and Masterminds.
What's Going On? - The newsreader is an amazing character and I cannot imagine how Graham can do extended scenes in that voice.
Papers Please - Andy does an amazing job playing an absolutly insane character to the hilt. And the stinger at the end made me collapse in gales of laughter when I first saw it.
Omnilingual - "I need thish mansh driversh lishcence numbah"
Krogslist - Krog and Torg make for good video. Should be given many shiny stones, trade for many pelt.

Honorable mentions go out to The Couch, The LRR CD-ROM Game, EVERYTHING IS FINE and all the Rapidfires.

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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby romangoro » 02 Jan 2015, 17:19

Off the top of my head, i.e. I'd probably revisit it later, and in no particular order.

Eyewitness Accounts, for all of the reasons Andy expressed way better than I could.

Desert Bus killed the Internet Star, probably will be out of the list when/if I revisit it, but it's one of the LRR videos I've rewatched more.

The secret life of Toast, top of the line absurdity without any words.

The Couch, it's the surreal humor I love from them, and it's also the first one I saw when I decided to finally watch LRR sketches.

Doctors hate her/The Pair, by far the two best of this last season, the acting, filming and scripts are all a level above the rest. If you force me to select one I'll go with Doctors... mainly because I was impressed with the technical aspects.

And let's say Papers, please, because I love all the Andys (Andies?) but I don't want to go to find exactly which one is my favorite.

I'm pretty sure I'll disagree with my list when I recheck the list of episodes, but I'll do that later.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby simonAJ » 02 Jan 2015, 20:53

Whoever said Vietnam, I'm assuming you've watched that video with Jer's commentary track on it, right?

For reference my top 5 are
  • that one with the three-way phone conversation between Matt, Kathleen, and Graham (I forget what the title was)
  • The Secret Life of Toast (I laughed for literally an entire minute straight when Tally showed up with toastlings in the LRRumble 2)
  • The Couch
  • and then Eyewitness Accounts repeated twice because seriously that sketch is perfect
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby romangoro » 02 Jan 2015, 20:57

Ok, definitive list now, and in order

1: Eyewitness Accounts, for all of the reasons Andy expressed way better than I could.

2: The secret life of Toast, top of the line absurdity without any words. My second video to show people "this is LRR".

3: The Writer's Room. Great script, great acting, great one-shotting. It's funny by itself, and funnier if you know what's going on. It's not higher because, structurally it's just a sketch, with a traditional punchline and everything. It does nothing new in that sense.

4: Doctors hate her/The Pair, by far the two best of this last season, the acting, filming and scripts are all a level above the rest. If you force me to select one I'll go with Doctors... mainly because I was impressed with the technical aspects.

5: That's no moon. if only for the line "...given enough time and profesional bitterness among scientists."

A few special mentions or "Best of the subseries": Ways to slack off, Rapidfire 3 Ep. 4 and Merry christmas, Graham Stark for best chritstmas special.

Also considered, the three I removed from the previous list, The story of Matt Wiggings, Efficiency, Krogslist, Anette, internet receptionist, The divorce and 30 minutes or less.

Edited to remove unnecesary quotes.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby simonAJ » 02 Jan 2015, 20:57

ps: "please put down the lava lamp, sir, and i will happily return your inflatable lemming"
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Master Gunner » 02 Jan 2015, 21:14

simonAJ wrote:that one with the three-way phone conversation between Matt, Kathleen, and Graham (I forget what the title was)

That would be Wireless, also one of my favourites.

As for my top 5...well I can't just do top 5. But here's a top 10-ish, in no particular order (and subject to change).
  • Eyewitness Accounts - For the same reasons everybody else seems to have it in their lists. Just such a great sketch.
  • Quantum Documentary - The sketch that really got me into LRR. Classic combination of meta-ness (taken perhaps to the extreme), and fully exploring a joke.
  • 30 Minutes Or Less/The Secret of the Sauce - I'm a sucker for Film Noir, and these pull it off well. Snappy comedy and genre parody.
  • Son of a Bitch - Beyond just taking a joke and exploring it fully, it's an excellent use of vulgarity without depending on such ("Son of a Bitch" is used 7 times, "Goddamn" 5 times, and "Fucking" 4 times, over a 4-minute video. In comparison, The Wolf of Wall Street just uses "Fuck" an average of 3 times per minute). Matt's intensity really sells this video. Honourable mention to SPRING! as well, for similarly exploring a joke with high intensity.
  • The Writers Room - Just great writing on this one. Acting is fast paced, and made all the better by the long takes (as I recall, the only cuts are in the whip pans too/from Morgan).
  • CSI: CSI - Well done parody. Again with the great writing and acting, just as LRR's production values hit the point where they could really sell it.
  • The Jonny Sega - I do love a good monologue, and the J-man tells a good story. Honourable mention to Story Guy - Jonny gets the edge from the 7 years of experience between them.
  • Secret Life of Toast - A very different kind of video pulled off very well.
  • Suspend Your Disbelief - Had to include at least one of LRR's musical numbers. Honourable mention to 64K as well, who have also being a highlight of LRR over the years.
  • Three PS3s - Possibly still LRR's most-viewed video (other than Nunchuck Jousting), and an outstanding example of just how dumb the internet can be.

Other Honourable Mentions include:
The Truce
Sound Wars
Man Cooking
The LoadingReadyRumbles
Mercenary Solutions
Columbus of the Internet
Doctors Hate Her
Toothy Smile - Just for "I shit my ass inside out!"
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Phailhammer » 03 Jan 2015, 00:49

I had a list for this, but it was written on my desk (whiteboard marker on glass) and I accidentally got rid of it a couple of days ago. I think most of these are the same as that one.

EVERYTHING IS FINE - I'm not sure how they managed to make a sketch that revealed so little, yet was so good and so funny.
Installation Anxiety (2010) - I like both, but I think the remake is the better of the two. I also have a slightly greater appreciation for some of the gags, having dealt with Linux a bit at university.
Eyewitness Accounts - I just love how well all the individual stories mesh together. I can remember losing it when the Indiana Jones gag hit.
Papers, Please - Andy's border guard is probably my favourite performance of his; my favourite bit being his ad-lib part in the stinger.
It's Very Simple - I love the additions this makes to the original sketch, and just watching Graham get more and more annoyed.

Special mention to the Rapidfire series. Since there are several Rapidfires, I felt it would be disingenuous to include the whole lot as one entry, and I don't really have a favourite single one, anyway.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby mariomario42 » 03 Jan 2015, 07:57

I posted my top 10 before, so I'll cut it down a bit.

5. Efficiency : I love being efficient and this takes the idea and runs with it until we have a near omnipotent person resulting from it. Also Andy.

4. Fear Itself : Flaming. Clown. Spiders. And I love bringing the business side into concepts.

3. Drugs, Drugs, Drugs : controlled insanity. It's so over the top and I love it. YOU-CANT-MAKE-UP-THE-STREETS

2. A Warning : Flawless performance by Andy. Plain and simple.

1. : It's a video where the script does a great job of sounding like it's being done on the spot, and the jokes on (power)point.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Antitonic » 07 Jan 2015, 01:48

Had to do a crash course with some of the older ones, to refresh my memory, so it took a little while to assemble my list, but I'm glad I did.

5) The Tale Of Matt Wiggins - I still find myself singing along to this at random times.

4) Papers, Please - Andy being Andy in glorious Andyness.

3) Brain Transplants Made Easy - I have a fondness for strange situations (which explains some of my manga library :P ), so this video really resonates with me.

2) Heard But Not Seen - Such a great Cam character, and some strong acting from all.

1) What's Going On? - This is easily my most quotable video, it just works on so many levels for me. And dress warm.

Honourable Mentions:
*LoadingReadyRumble 2 - Because you'd sort of have to.
*Cleaning Day - Not just because I helped, but the whole salami storyline is just aces.
*MEN - Brought to you by Jack Plank's Pork-Fried Butt Steak.
*Installation Anxiety 2010 - The original Installation Anxiety was my first LRR video, and I can't even remember now where I found it. Given this is a more polished version, and the Endless Ocean joke, this version gets the nod.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Dominic Appleguard » 10 Jan 2015, 19:50

In no particular order.

Quantum Documentary, because you have to respect the classics.

Son of a Bitch, because it made me really like Matt.

Three PS3s, because it triggered the second-most death threats.

The Jonny ones, because I love wordplay (so many malapropisms!) and it takes genius to write for an idiot.

cH: It's Magic, because it triggered the FN saga and it's still the best one.

Honorable mentions, because choosing is hard:

The Tale of Matt Wiggins. The lyrics are clever and I wanted to love it, but as much as I love Ian his voice doesn't go the distance.
Toast. Worth mentioning for how inventive it was.
Those Games We Played. I don't love 64K but I always make an exception for that one.
Papers, Please. Andy vamping.

SimonAJ, I found the video. It was Wireless. I'm adding it to my honorable mentions.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Tycherin » 12 Jan 2015, 18:30

I went back and watched, like, a buston of sketches to refresh my memory for this. In chronological order:

- Daylight Savings: One of the best early sketches, if only because I find "Septebgust" waaay funnier than I ought to.
- The LHC: It's the sound effects, it's all in the sound effects.
- Omni-Lingual: Probably at the top of my list, and I can't explain why. For whatever reason, when I think of the best videos, this one is the one I think of.
- Man Cooking: Meat Mushroom: “You know your roast has enough rosemary when it smells like a forest of rosemary BURNING TO THE GROUND.”
- Papers, Please!: Brilliance. Sheer, Andy-fueled brilliance, start to finish, stinger especially.

Honorable Mentions:
(Realistically this list is about four pages long, but this is the short version.)
- The Tale of Matt Wiggins: Easily my favorite Desert Bus after-video. The others are all good, but this one takes the cake (and smears it all over Matt's face).
- What's Going On?: “My name is mine and you can't have it.”
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby chetoos » 12 Jan 2015, 19:30

I guess I'll weigh in. I'm kind of a newer fan, so I'm sorry if this is weighted toward the end.

I'll put these in no particular order, to save myself trouble
What's going on? - My friend used to not like LRR, then I showed him Rapidfire series 3, and he loved it, especially the dave's ad guy. This one is so good at extending that joke, and also keeping it fresh at the same time.
Omnilingual - I'm convinced that Matt is actually playing Loki here, tormenting the mortals because he can.
Female Characters - Topical and hilarious, because so many games keep getting this wrong. It is just amazing.
Hot and Saucy - "A powerful blend of capsaicin, VX nerve gas, cat dander, and the heart of a dark star."
Interrupt this program - "We interrupt this program because go to hell, that's why."
There are a bunch of others, like Give In, that I would love to include, but I'm already second guessing myself enough. I'll just say that I have a bustonne of honorable mentions and leave it at that. Cruise Vacation gets in as a 4.5th thing on my list though. I don't think I've ever seen anyone as threatening while wearing a hawaiian shirt as Graham.
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Re: Top #5 LRR?

Postby Lord Chrusher » 12 Jan 2015, 19:51

I want to be a hipster about LRR videos and say that the best videos were early videos were early ones but the truth is the average quality of LRR videos has been increasing over time.

The output of LRR is so large that I have trouble separating the best LRR videos from iconic LRR videos. I think I need rewatch a lot of videos before I can decided on a top 5. I can predict that Eyewitness Accounts will be in my top 5 though.
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