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Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 19 Oct 2015, 22:21
by Bergie
I was hoping for a Minority to test the waters, but we'll see how it goes. I'm a dyed in the wool Liberal, but I'm not a huge fan of Trudeau. I would have liked him to show his fortitude before given the keys to the country via a majority, but he has enough good people around him to make up for any real or imagined failings.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 06:10
by Garwulf
Personally, I'm ecstatic at the result, although part of that (I must admit) is wanting to see the longer election campaign blow up in the Conservatives' faces.

But, the main part of it is that in the end, I was sick of the Harper-style politics. I was sick of the never-ending campaigning, and the sheer nastiness of it all. If there had been a minority government, that would have continued as the Conservatives acted as a spoiler to the sitting government and tried to take it down. In a majority that can't happen, and with luck we'll see a lot of the nastier politicking wiped away by the next election.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 20 Oct 2015, 06:54
by MisterDee
Other notable moments of the evening:

1-French CBC interviewed Jason Kenney (IIRC) and he was as obviously frustrated with Harper as he could show. It was pretty clear that he resented having been sidelined for the eleven weeks of Harpershow, but he went farther than that and said failure to communicate had been a major issue for the Conservatives throughout the last few years. IOW: get ready for him to campaign for the Conservative leadership on a "I'm not Harper" platform.

2-Duceppe's thank-you speech. I'm guessing he's setting the stage for the PQ to campaign on a referendum-at-any-cost platform in four years.

3-The results:
After giving it more thought, I think what we're seeing is a return to normalcy more than anything else, after the Prog-Conservative collapse followed by unopposed Liberals followed by Liberal scandals followed by unopposed Conservatives, and with the short-term effect of Layton and long-term effects of the Constitution crisis and fallout beginning to fade.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 13:56
by Beej
<peeks in thread>

Um... well.

Good election, everyone. See you in four.

Thanks for getting the ball rolling, Arclight. This thread was a pleasure to watch.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 17:09
by Arclight_Dynamo
Happy to oblige, Beej - I genuinely love this stuff.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 21 Oct 2015, 17:44
by Jamfalcon
Yeah, I'll echo Beej - thanks for posting all this, I probably would've been half as informed if not for this thread.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 28 Oct 2015, 08:34
by Arclight_Dynamo
So... I thought this thread was done with now that the election has happened. But... maybe not?

If he’s set on swearing in his new cabinet as planned next Wednesday, Justin Trudeau may have to do something he likely thought had dropped off his to-do list forever: namely, call on Stephen Harper to resign — not publicly, necessarily, and with the greatest possible respect for the outgoing leader, but definitively.

Or, if he has indeed done so, make a public announcement to that effect.

Because at the moment, it doesn’t appear that Harper has formally served notice to Governor General David Johnston — or anyone else — that he will voluntarily cede power to the incoming Liberal government next week. No official notice has been released to the media, or posted to the Rideau Hall website, nor has Harper’s office issued a statement confirming that he will resign.


And while the lack of official confirmation could be written off as simply a more low-key transition process — it’s not clear that’s actually legal or, more specifically, constitutional — for the transition to proceed without a signed notice of resignation in place.


By comparison, the most recent previous federal changing of the guard was downright transparent.

One day after he was handily trounced at the polls, then-Prime Minister Paul Martin formally advised then-Governor General Michaelle Jean of his intention to step down, a message that Rideau Hall duly communicated to the nation.

The following day, the soon-to-be-former Prime Minister’s Office put out a statement of its own, in which he “reassure[d] Canadians” that both he and his team would “work together to facilitate the transition that will lead to the installation of a new government.”


If not, Johnston could soon find himself facing the very real prospect of becoming the first governor-general in modern Canadian history forced to advise a prime minister that Her Majesty no longer requires his advice, which is likely not how Harper would have preferred to leave office.

Ottawa Citizen

All of which is bizarre, frankly.

I'm hoping everything is on the up-and-up behind the scenes, and we're just not seeing notifications to the media for some reason. But there is the possibility for serious irregularities, here, up to and including illegalities and unconstitutionality.

I'll, uh, keep an eye on this one. But the whole thing is strange. There's no reason for this to happen - either the proper process being followed but without the proper transparency, or the proper process not being followed. I'm at a loss.


Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 28 Oct 2015, 11:57
by Arclight_Dynamo
And, evidently, that Citizen story has caused Rideau Hall to clarify things:

Shortly after this story went out, the governor general’s senior communications advisor Marie-Eve Letourneau got in touch to say that, “in keeping with Canadian practice,” Harper “signified his intention to resign when he visited the Governor General at Rideau Hall immediately following the election,” although he won’t formally do so until Nov. 4, “just prior to the swearing-in of the new ministry.”

She also said that the governor-general met with Trudeau following the election as well.

Ottawa Citizen

So... yay? It's still peculiar and irregular. It breaks with convention and isn't transparent in any way. I'm not terribly pleased. Though, I do suppose it's a fitting note that this particular government and PM are going out in this particular way...

I do hope we get some answers on why it went down this way. The Conservative Party, the Liberal Party, and Rideau Hall all have a bit of explaining to do, I think.

Re: Canadian Federal Election 2015

Posted: 28 Oct 2015, 12:38
by Bebop Man
Not that anybody cares but the Argentine presidential elections were last Sunday and in a twist nobody saw coming there was a tie, so for the first time in history the country's next president will be decided in runoffs. A very violent month approaches and whatever happens next isn't going to be pretty.