Desert Bus 9 Discussion

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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby Master Gunner » 04 Feb 2016, 09:06

Desert Bus 9 Torrent is live!

File size clocks in at 209GB, so be prepared for that. Anubis169 has gone through and done his best to fix the audio sync issues as well.
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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby MagisterMystax » 04 Feb 2016, 14:18

WOW, the first file is 64 GB and 48 hours long. That might actually be the largest file I've ever seen. Hard to believe the stream managed to stay online uninterrupted that long.
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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby mtvcdm » 06 Feb 2016, 10:37

Given how rowdy the tech wanted to be this year, it's really a testament to Engineering that they managed to keep the show going without any downtimes longer than, like, ten minutes or so.
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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby GarfaceMcGar » 12 Feb 2016, 16:21

Anyone else having trouble with the first file (0-48hr)? All the other files play fine, except this one. I've tried deleting and re-downloading it, no dice.

Edit: Nevermind, solved my own problem. Was using 32bit VLC for some reason...
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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby Wolfwood723 » 16 Feb 2016, 14:38

Just got my combo pack and it is so awesome, the book is a big upgrade (literally) over the DB7 one.

Also didn't expect the poster to be bigger as well. Glad I didn't pre buy a frame.
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Re: Desert Bus 9 Discussion

Postby hacofo » 17 Feb 2016, 23:49

My Bundle is seems to be Stuck in Kent. no tracking Updates in the last 6 Days. So if they haven't lost it in Kent, there is a chance I'll might bet it before I order the DBX Bundle

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