Tugger Nutts #2

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Tugger Nutts #2

Postby Malcairad » 03 Mar 2016, 10:58

Here is Tugger Nutts #2, Lets Find Sally and Tugger Nutts

Sorry it took do long hopefully you will enjoy

Let's Find Sally and Tugger Nutts

Tugger Nutts loved children. He would play with them every chance he could. He loved how they would touch him, and their heavy petting. Tugger Nutts knew all the children of his neighborhood.

The kids would play in the street or the nearby park. Tugger Nutts would join them, but he would always watch for little Sally. Sally was very shy. She would sit and watch the other children play far away. Tugger Nutts would always go to Sally after he finished with the children.

They would spend a lot of time together, going for long walks through the park or into the nearby woods alone. Sometimes they would just walk around the block together to Tugger Nutts’ home. Sally would stroke him and blow him. She loved the feel of his fur and thought it was funny how he would shake his head every time she blew into his ear. Tugger Nutts enjoyed every minute of their time together.

Tugger Nutts tried to help Sally overcome her shyness. She liked some of the other kids, but she was afraid they wouldn't like her. Tugger Nutts told Sally she had to try and make friends. It is no fun being alone.

Tugger Nutts talked about the other kids in the neighborhood. He told Sally what games they liked, which ones were really nice, and which to stay away from. He talked about how good she would be in their games, but Sally just wanted to be with Tugger.

Sally talked about herself. She talked about school and family. She talked about the kids, which ones she thought were nice, which ones she kinda liked. She never talked about talking to the kids. She never seemed to want to not be shy.

Tugger would walk Sally home when it was close to dinner time. Her parents never seemed to worry about her. They knew Tugger Nutts would never let anything happen to her. Sally would hug Tugger goodbye and he would bleat a goodbye back.

Tugger tried to get Sally to join in with the other kids when they played their games. The other kids would also help get Sally to join. But Sally would just shake her head and not answer nor join them. She just waited for Tugger Nutts to walk with her.

Their walks through the woods would lead them to Kunts’ hills. A series of hills and caves named after the geologist Professor Kunts. There were many openings for Tugger Nutts and Sally to explore. They would just go into one cave and sit there, or follow the tunnels to other places in the cave system. It was Sally’s and Tugger Nutts’ favorite place to go.

Once in a while, Sally would sneak out of her house during the night and go to Tugger Nutts’ house. Tugger would let her in; they would talk a little. Sometimes Sally would just sleep with Tugger Nutts. Tugger Nutts would always wake her up and help Sally get back home before her parents knew she was gone. Tugger knew it was wrong, but he didn't want to upset Sally or needlessly worry her parents. He would have to try to talk Sally out of these nightly visits.

One summer night Tugger Nutts was awake, watching the incoming storm roll in over the far horizon. He had his pack of helpful items all ready to go. Tugger Nutts planned on taking a late night walk into the storm. Sally knocked on his door.

Tugger Nutts greeted Sally regretfully. He did not want her to come over tonight. He did not think she was going to come over tonight. Tugger Nutts bleated to Sally his plans.

“I want to come with you. It sounds like a lot of fun. Besides, I know you will keep me safe.”

Tugger Nutts tried to talk Sally out of it. He didn't want to be responsible for her safety. He wanted a nice walk alone, but Sally would not be deterred. So he filled his handy pack with some extra items that might be helpful.

Their walk began from Tugger Nutts’ back door, to the woods they have walked in before. Through the woods, wind blowing, air chilling, moon and starlight slowly fading, clouds moving in, they travelled. Tugger Nutts wanted to visit the Kunts this night.

Tugger pulled out two flashlights from his trusty pack, handed one to Sally, and turned his on to help light their way. They were coming close to the Kunts. The storm had become closer, the dark clouds were above, lightning strikes with rolls of thunder in the distance, soon the storm would be directly above.

They walked for awhile. Sally asked Tugger Nutts if she could ride him. Tugger Nutts let her get on top and continued to move on. They would be at the Kunts soon.

Tugger Nutts tired of Sally riding him. He was finished, but she wanted to keep going, keep riding him. So until she came to her enjoyment’s end, he would have to endure her being on top. He just hoped he had enough energy to enter the Kunts he originally wanted to.

The Kunts gleamed with light from their flashlights and the lightning strikes. Their openings slightly moist from evening dew. They might be slick with moisture from the cool, damp air that proceeded the incoming storm. Tugger Nutts would have to be careful entering the Kunts. He and Sally might slip and hurt something important.

Tugger Nutts pulled out a couple slip-on rubbers from his pack. Hopefully these would give him enough protection while in the Kunts. He handed Sally an extra pair of rubbers he brought so she would have her own protection. They slipped their rubbers on over their feet and slowly entered the first of the Kunts.

The wetness of the opening made Tugger Nutts hard pressed to not slip. He was a sure-footed goat, but the slipperiness of these old Kunts was increased by the natural lubrication of the incoming storm’s humidity. Sally might slip and fall into a hole and not be able to get out. Tugger Nutts had to carefully enter the Kunts to make sure he could watch out for himself and Sally.

Tugger Nutts choose the Kunts opening he thought would be the least dangerous. It was one of the smaller Kunts here, and it would be a nice fit for Sally and Tugger Nutts to go into. Smooth walls and floor were made slippery by its wetness, but it ran very flat with little slope. Some of the Kunts opened wide and deep, making those who enter get lost quickly sliding in and down if unprotected.

Tugger Nutts led Sally deeper into the Kunts. Eventually, the cave they were in widened out and connected to the system under the hills. Tugger Nutts started forming a plan that, he hoped, would stop Sally from visiting him at night and break her of her shyness. It would be a painful plan to implement, but Tugger knew sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love to make them change for the better, and understand how much you really do care for them, and how they live.

Eventually, Tugger Nutts led Sally downward into a dead end. The cave exit was uphill, but the rain had started to come down and was slowly flowing into the Kunts making everything very slippery. Tugger Nutts would have to leave Sally behind to go get help.

“Don't leave me Tugger!” Sally pleaded. “I don't want to be alone here.”

Tugger bleated confidently. He would return with help. Sally just had to stay here as dry as she could until he returned. Tugger bleated advice.

“But I don't have any friends to imagine were here. There is no one who would miss me.” Sally began crying.

Tugger nuzzled Sally then very carefully made his way up, out of the Kunts to find help. Tugger didn't have to go far. He had already heard people calling out for him and Sally bouncing off the cave walls. Sally wouldn't have been able to distinguish the cave sounds or the thunder from voices in the Kunts.

Tugger Nutts bleated loudly once he was out of the cave. Sally's parents and their neighbors heard and came running towards Tugger Nutts’ flashlight beam. He told Sally’s parents what happened. They were not mad with Tugger, who could be, he did all he could to try and not be in this situation, but sometimes kids just want to do what they want to do, and that causes troubles.

Bobby and his family were there to help. They tied a rope to Bobby, being the smallest of the group, and allowed him to slide down into the cave where Sally waited. Sally was so surprised to see someone. She hugged Bobby tightly and together they tied the rope to Sally. Their parents and Tugger helped pull them out of the Kunts.

Sally began to cry as she hugged her mom and dad. “I'm sorry I went with Tugger. He just makes me feel so not alone.”

“Are you sad ‘cause Tugger took your car and you couldn't race Sally?” Bobby asked.

Sally smiled a little, wiping away tears and rain. “No Bobby, I just…. I don't know.”

Bobby pulled out his trophy from the race. “Well since you couldn't be in the race you can have my trophy so you don't have to feel so sad.” Bobby handed the trophy to Sally.

Sally’s smiled more and hugged Bobby. “Thank you, my friend.”

Tugger Nutts smiled as he watched Bobby and Sally. He knew that would be the beginning of a great friendship. He will miss being with Sally, but her being with friends would be more important.

They all returned to their homes. After a shower and a change of dry clothes, and after snacking on a towel, Tugger took a picture of little Sally and young Bobby. Another one for his collection, friends forever, his pictures would need a place of their own.
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Re: Tugger Nutts #2

Postby Kronopticon » 03 Mar 2016, 13:42

A touching tale if I ever read one :) hehe
Really tugs at your heartstrings.

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