The New Music Thread

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The New Music Thread

Postby Arclight_Dynamo » 04 Jun 2016, 23:40

Or at least the "New to Me Music Thread."

Bit of history here - I have a different relationship to music than most people. Growing up, I thought I just didn't like popular music, period. I've come to discover, though, that I just didn't like most popular music from the period I grew up in (the 90s and early 2000s); I like other music just fine. For the past few years, I've been exploring music in a way I never did growing up. One side-effect of the unusual way I came to music is that my tastes can be... eclectic. I never bought into what music I was "supposed" to like or not (For example, I love complex classical music... and I also kind of like Nickelback. Zounds!) and I'm happy to listen to anything that sounds good.

With that in mind, I thought it might be nice to have a place for people to share music they like with others. I know I'd love to hear what you folks are listening to.

How about I start? (The direct links are to uncopyrighted music, or to the official videos - the unlinked tracks you'll need to search YouTube for yourself. Don't want to get the forum into trouble.)

Blizzard -- Kavinsky

Boyd's Journey (Ravenous OST) -- Damon Albarn and Michael Nyman

Cassiel (Splice OST) -- Cipher Prime Studios

Charlie's (Is Coming Down) -- The Deep Dark Woods

Crabbuckit -- K-OS

Darkness -- Leonard Cohen

Diplomat -- Itch

Driving This Road Until Death Sets You Free -- Zombie Zombie

Dropping Out of School -- Brad Sucks

Electric Pow Wow Drum -- A Tribe Called Red

First Sleep (Solaris OST) -- Cliff Martinez

Home on the Water -- Tequila Mockingbird Orchestra

Hurricane -- MS MR

I See I Say -- Ebony Bones

Joggers in the Park -- Pocketmaster

Kiss the Sky -- Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra

Know My Name -- Kandle

Leg Twitch -- Professor Kliq

Locked in the Trunk of a Car -- The Tragically Hip

Man in a Garage -- Coldcut

Modern Man I & II -- Sarah Slean

No Heaven -- DJ Champion

Oh What a Feeling -- Crowbar

Road -- Niky Nine

Station -- Access to Arasaka

Stone Rollin' -- Raphael Saadiq

String Quartet No. 8 in C Minor (II) -- Shostakovich

Sweden -- Two Fingers

The Dead Flag Blues -- Godspeed You! Black Emperor

The Sensual Woman -- The Herbaliser

Tinto Brass -- Afternoons in Stereo

Train to Nowhere -- Savoy Brown

Uja -- Tanya Tagaq

Willow Weep for Me -- Stanley Turrentine With The 3 Sounds

I'm not sure if anyone will like any of that, or if any of that is new... but, so what? Point of this thread is to share what you like, and maybe someone else will, too. Whether it's old or not. So, what do you have for me?
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby fantôme » 05 Jun 2016, 01:22

(Internet weirdness resulted in duplicate posts).
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby fantôme » 05 Jun 2016, 01:22

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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby fantôme » 05 Jun 2016, 01:22

I recognize a couple of names on there, will be checking out the rest when time allows. I'll throw out a couple of tracks that have been regulars on my playlists lately, should mostly be fairly straightforward to find with your music-acquirer of choice:

Mare - Anisette. Eerie, dissonant and heartbreaking metal. The whole album (self-titled) is only about half an hour long, yet still manages to be both exhausting and exhilarating.

Renaud Garcia-Fons - Anda Loco. From the album Arcoluz, of which there is a mind-blowing live dvd out there. A double-bass led trio, jazz fused with a myriad of styles.

Squarepusher - Cooper's World. Electronica/funk. One man, a bass guitar and a laptop. Impossible to not groove to.

Anoice - Liange. Their stuff drifts between classical and post-rock, this track more the former. Completely gorgeous.

World's End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland (album). Is almost always on my regularly listened-to, as it is basically my favourite thing in the world.
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby Rikadyn » 05 Jun 2016, 06:46

This list will be probably entirely Japanese...

Tricot "Pork Ginger"

Kinoko Teikoku "Long Goodbye"

Bugy Craxone "Nice nice nice"(actually saw this band twice in Japan, once less than a week after spraining my ankle horribly, but still made the run from Kyoto to Osaka to see them, met and talked to the singer as well)

mass of the fermenting dregs 『ゼロコンマ、色とりどりの世界』

I can have more but for now :P
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby abyssalCompiler » 05 Jun 2016, 18:02

~Intense weebiness incoming~

Haruomi Hosono - Body Snatchers

Rydeen - Yellow Magic Orchestra

Technopolis - Yellow Magic Orchestra

白いハイウェイ - Hikashu

Tiara feat. 初音ミク - BALLOON

P-MODEL - Sekai Turbine

Walk on the Way of Life - Akiko Yano


LIAR DANCE - Deco*27

There's more, but these were what I grabbed from my music playlist on YouTube.
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby Robo4900 » 06 Jun 2016, 09:07

I don't tend to choose to listen to pop music, as I personally prefer proggy stuff. When I'm with friends, we tend to compromise with artists like Weird Al, or Eminem, as I can appreciate the clever or funny lyrics. Basically, if it's fun, clever, or very meaningful, I'll most likely enjoy it. So here are a few of my favourite songs off the top of my head...

Haken - Cockroach King (Don't judge it from its title)

Dream Theater - The Killing Hand (Live)

Alexander Brandon - Pull Back The Bass

Liquid Tension Experiment - Paradigm Shift
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Re: The New Music Thread

Postby Elaro » 02 Jul 2016, 09:40


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