LRR is starting to lose me

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LRR is starting to lose me

Postby nana89012 » 27 Sep 2016, 09:35

This might just be me, but I've found the new LRR streaming schedule to be unsatisfying. This is about the changes to the LRR schedule, but not only the schedule, and given our months of supporting the new schedule I don't think the actual change is the issue. There feels like a glut of certain kinds of content (Magic predominantly) and a massive gap in others (QWRPline, Graham doing anything not Magic or W+P, etc). I've only talked with one other person about this, but they did agree, even if they had their own personal gripes.

I'll probably add in different issues I have, but I'll start with a big one; none streamed content. We got a CH, Pax QWRPline, a G-Draft and little else recently. I enjoy listening to Graham, but I want him doing something, anything different. Pax QWRPline was nice, but doesn't have the same effect as previous QWRPlines. I've been hoping for an Agatha Fisty for a while, but the 5 month hiatus shows no sign of changing. There are podcasts I've listened to so many times I can recite them almost word for word. I really enjoy your content LRR, please don't hide it.

A part of me(which is suspicious and makes conspiracy theories) thinks that the two documentaries (one on DB 10 and one secret) have been sucking up large amounts of LRR time. This may be paranoia, but it would explain why even members without children seem to be busier.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby nana89012 » 27 Sep 2016, 09:43

Permanent pairings
Because most of the shows on the current stream roster have permanent pairs, the content created becomes much more consistent. However, I think this is to the overall detriment of the streaming. I think that adding a roster rotation element to certain shows might make them feel less stale. They could have a permanent or semi permanent host; for example, Rhythm Cafe could have Hodor or Ian as host, with a new guest each stream. This also means that we could get some continuity; if the streamers and viewers enjoy a game together, than the host could keep that game file for when that guest comes back on. This could be altered for different shows, but I think that changing the lineup could give some life to shows which feel stale.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby nana89012 » 27 Sep 2016, 09:53

I think that Talking Simulator suffers somewhat from the spontaneity and frequency of its content.

I love Alex and Cam, and they have excellent chemistry; however, Talking Simulator seems to suffer, especially when both are grasping for critical insights. It also doesn't help that they seem to feel they have to make profound statements about the game, which end up being vague because they (generally Cam) have to think of them quickly.

Much as I enjoy Cam and Alex, I think TS should be changed from a stream format to a pre-recorded format, one which occurs significantly less often than it does currently. This would allow for them to play/watch a walkthrough of the game and take notes on things they found interesting. They could also do research, finding out interesting sources of inspiration or context, which they try to do but struggle to recall because neither has perfect memory.

This isn't to say they can't play games together at other times; I hope they do. But the pressure of spontaneity hurts TS as a format, and I think that TS should be changed to account for that.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby nana89012 » 27 Sep 2016, 10:08

18 Games and Counting is a clever idea to make a show about new and semi-popular games, but I think that the format of the show (pick 18th most popular game, play it) doesn't really give us all that I think the show can do.

What I honestly would enjoy is something similar to Let's Drown Out, created by 'Yahtzee' Crowshaw and his friend Gabriel (generally called Gabe). Since LDO recently ended, I may simply be feeling thee absence, but I feel like the format is better suited than the current one.

Instead of picking a game based on current popularity, Gabe/Yahtzee would pick a random book, flip to a random page, and choose a random word. That word would be the central theme for the next episode; for example, if Paul chose 'Space', the game could be FTL, No Man's Sky, or Particle Fleet. This would allow for the game to be semi-curated while also providing a framework.

Another note from LDO's book that 18GaC could use is creating a list of topics/viewer questions. Topics could address anything; from current video game news to LRR news to 'real news' to favorite things to cook.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Booster » 27 Sep 2016, 10:51

I agree I have been slightly disappointed with the irregularity of non-stream content as of late. Particularly the lack of QWERPLine and irregularity of TTC. The content LRR has come out with has been outstanding in my opinion, I love the new stream schedule, my only real complaint with it is I don't have time to watch all of it. LoadingReadyLive has been an absolute highlight for me.

It has sometimes felt that LRR has committed themselves to too much. TTC, QWERPLine, Sidewalk Slam, Agatha Fisty, have all had issues maintaining a consistent upload schedule. I love ALL of these projects and in a perfect world, I would want them all to exist, but I'd rather have just 2 with a consistent upload schedule, than all 4 with the irregular schedule we have been seeing.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Arclight_Dynamo » 27 Sep 2016, 11:02

I'm generally very happy with the new streaming format, though I do have comments.

The streams I regularly watch are MoI, LN, CTS, TS, AFK, Fu¨t (i.e. LRL), TTSF, and W+P. So I'll talk about those. I'll also watch Newday Tewsday when the game being played is one I'm interested in, but not one I want to play myself. I think I've only caught it a couple of times, so I'll refrain from talking about it.


Can be fun as hell, but can also be kind of tedious and alienating for me. It depends on the game that Ian and Beej choose. Something like the construction equipment fighting game? Hilarious and wonderful. Something like that Sailor Moon game? I could not care less. But that's a matter of taste. I'm not into anime, and especially not that type of anime. But a lot of people are, including the streamers. So it doesn't bug me; it's just not for me, and I don't watch it.


Consistently great. It's a bit of a shame that the pool of horror games is dwindling, but the move to a bi-weekly format seems to have helped with that.


This is another one that depends on the game for me. Generally I prefer a high-energy game, like Gangbeasts, or a party game like Mario Party. Things like last week's Chariot aren't as interesting. While the game itself seemed fun, it was a bit too much on the "streamers are silent and think" side for me. And sometimes the game just doesn't hit for me. That one with the stretchy, two-headed people just didn't do it for me for some reason. But that is, again, just a matter of taste. And, overall, the stream delivers.


No complaints here at all. I find Talking Sim to be interesting and engaging; there hasn't been a single bad episode as far as I'm concerned. Maybe a bit of pre-prep would make it even better, but I'd also kind of like to see more of the opposite - one of the guys coming to a game the cold, while the other has already played it. We saw that with Oxenfree, and I thought it was great.


So long as it isn't Magic, I generally love it. But I don't think there's "too much" MTG. Lots of people are into it, including the streamers, and it's not like MTG has taken over the stream. They've struck a good balance. As to what I really like, though, I have to say Cam's D&D sessions are a highlight, as was Nightmare. I'm less interested in smaller party games, with more than one to a stream. Overall, though, AFK is a success in my book.


I love it. I love the format, I love the variety, I think it's great. Firing on all cylinders. I do wish it were weekly, but I understand the practical and artistic limitations that prevent it from happening.


This has become my favourite stream. It's laid-back, it's engaging as all hell, and it feels like hanging out with a bunch of people crafting. Honestly, I was surprised by how much I love it. Hell, Ian's dabbling with electronics has gotten me interested in doing it myself. Another one I wish was weekly, because I love it so much.


Well, come on. It's hilarious and wonderful. It's also the one chance I get to consistently see Graham, since I don't watch LRRMTG. Working perfectly.

On to more general thoughts:

I love seeing Graham and, yeah, I wish he'd show up more. But I understand he's busy as all hell (professional obligations, plus being a new dad and all). Still, I miss HoS for sure. And Agatha Fisty. But I get why all that is hard.

QWERPline is basically my favourite thing and I also wish it was more frequent. But, once more, see what I said about being busy. Plus, you know, DB is ramping up. I get it. Totally. This isn't a complaint, so much as an expression of desire for more, which I think is a positive thing. Hope so, anyway.

But... overall? Gotta give LRR an "A" from where I'm sitting. I'm quite satisfied with the direction they've taken, and some of the new stuff they're doing is absolutely brilliant.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Elomin Sha » 27 Sep 2016, 13:29

I've actually stopped watching years ago. When they had their final year for kickstarter, I donated but didn't watch a single video. Not sure why.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Jamfalcon » 27 Sep 2016, 14:11

I've been watching less LRR over the past year, but I think it has more to do with me than them. I enjoyed the streams when they first started being a regular thing, but now I just have no time for them, and I'm not someone who can multitask and have something like that on in the background. I still watch most of the other content (Feed Dump, edited Checkpoints, QWRPline, etc) but there definitely is a shift in tone towards the streaming.

It seems to be working out for them, which is great, but I just can't make them time for one three hour video most weeks, much less one or more a day.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Lord Chrusher » 27 Sep 2016, 14:43

In my day LRR only produced one short video a week and we were glad to have it.

All kidding aside, I'm happy with the new streaming line up. Before the change in schedule I would only watch Check Point and Watch+Play. Now I am enjoying Tinker Tailor Solder Fry and Talking Simulator as well as LoadingReadyLive in addition to the two shows I was already watching.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Merrymaker_Mortalis » 27 Sep 2016, 14:56

I am unable to satisfyingly watch any live streams.

I only watch Crapshots, Loading Time, Vlogs, Friday Nights, cH and Loading Ready Live replay.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Lord Chrusher » 27 Sep 2016, 15:02

I should mention that the only shows I watch live are Check Point and sometimes LoadingReadyLive. Except for LoadingReadyLive, I'm usually multitasking when watching the replays (most likely playing Minecraft).
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Lord Hosk » 27 Sep 2016, 15:03

The new streaming schedule is certainly wearing out on me, and the numbers in chat seem to have dropped back to the same as they were before as well.

LoadingReadyLive is great, it is disappointing how it seems to get preempted :(

Also every show starting late is getting old. At first it was a quirky joke but now its Just show up 15 minutes after the schedule, you will probably still be on time.

18 games and counting having a "no repeat games" and spending so much time downloading games is also getting tired. "we started late because the download wasn't finished, and now we are at 73% so lets play something else for an hour. OK its installed, lets try to figure out how to play, ok I think we got it figured... time to go get food see you in a bit for LRR MTG"

I like things that are regular and on schedule, Crapshots appear at random, TTCs show up when someone remembers to post them, Feed dump is late, Sidewalk slam has been a series of different delays.

Watch and play is kind of the same show over and over again. One interesting slapsticky game, and a handful of "This is the best game ever more guns and levels and standard template that came with the game engine"

I think the best shows are the ones that really rotate. AFK, TTSF, and Crossing the streams. it feels like many of the shows the hosts are not enjoying what they are doing and its a obligation to be there, doing the same thing, which is what hurt the old streaming schedule.

Lastly Thursday feels so crowded.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby J_S_Bach » 27 Sep 2016, 15:08

I've felt that there has been a drop in LRR quality since the launch of their Patreon and it shows that they are incapable of managing themselves. Content is extremely irregular, when it does come out some of the non-streaming content feels slap dashed and rushed. For people who might want to watch live streams but schedules don't allow for it the replays take ages to get on their youtube channel. LRR needs a serious time management adjustment.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby korvys » 27 Sep 2016, 15:12

Due to timezones, I basically never get to watch live (unless I have it on in the background while I'm working), but that's not really a thing they can do anything about.

I'd love to see more of Graham playing games, but I know with the babby and all that may not be possible.

While there's stuff I don't watch, there's plenty for me to catch up on anyway. I'll watch pretty much every LRRMTG, AFK, CTS, W+P, Checkpoint, and LRL, and depending on the contents, 18 Games, TTSF, Newday Tewsday, and Talking Simulator.

Outside of streams, Agatha Fisty satisfies my Graham-plays-games needs (though I wish there were more of it), TTC is pretty good, SwS is amazing, Crapshots are good, cH is good when it happens, Friday Nights is usually great, the new vlogs are also great, and Loading Time is pretty much my favourite thing they produce.

My overall feedback (being well aware there are good reasons for all these things) would be:
More Graham playing video games (Agatha Fisty style or streaming)
More timely Sidewalk Slam
More Gvlogs (and other vlogs)
Basically just more Graham

I think what I'm saying is that Penelope has ruined everything and they should fire her :P
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Gap Filler » 27 Sep 2016, 16:05

Excepting the sojourn in Hong Kong, been watching more LRR in the past year thanks to the streams lining up with GMT evenings. The schedule changes haven't had a noticeably negative effect on that front. Compared to that, watched progressively less weekly content prior to the introduction of streaming, though contributing to the Kickstarter definitely helped with possible flagging interest there.

At the risk of sounding reactionary, diving into the archives has scratched the itch on the occasions when satisfaction with the current content has felt questionable. Per korvys, More Graham wouldn't go amiss (more sWs x Magnum Rewatch to be precise), although the reasons for erraticness on that front are visible onscreen onstream. Honestly had no idea babies grew that quickly.

Having the time for nigh daily three hour streams in a week vis not having the time for a handful of short videos in a week does seem ironic come think of it.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Kapol » 27 Sep 2016, 16:13

Honestly the only streams I watch with regularity are CtS, AFK, W+P, and LRL. Even W+P has been losing me more and more as of late. Some of them are due to personal taste in streamers. But most of the streams are more because they're generally playing things I don't care for. And that does play a part in me watching if I'm honest.

I've also been resigned to watching the replays more than the streams live. Friday I'm generally at FNM. Wednesdays I've been working lately. Saturday afternoon I'm normally hanging out with friends or out of the house. And it's not uncommon for me to just forget to tune in when I can. LRL is the only one I've been actually watching live regularly.

MtG - Click to Expand
A big issue is that I've fallen off with MtG streams. Partly because I think I'm losing interest in the game as a whole. Part of it is I don't like how chat can get during MtG streams. Either way I've begun skipping pretty much every MtG stream beyond the pre-prerelease. Which even that is kind of frustrating due to the fact it takes out what's currently my favorite stream. Missing LRL means it ends up being 4 weeks between episodes.

All that said, I know MtG is (or seems to be) their biggest stream game. And it's popular with a lot of LRR as well. So I understand it being so common. Each new release gets at least 1 stream and they've been coming out closely together as of late. And then there's stuff like the cube drafts they want to do. So it adds up to a common stream.

CtS - Click to Expand
I love Crossing The Streams. It's one of my favorite streams. But I've found that there are some games that just don't work. At least not for me and some others from the looks of it. Games where they're just super focused playing the game tend to be much more dull. Videoball was an example of this to me.

But it also goes the other way. If the game doesn't really have any pull to it and the players just talk about other things, it falls flat. I recently watched the Red Shift Blue Shift stream. The starting part of that was really bad for gameplay. Most of it was listening to Beej talk about PAX. Which, while not bad, is much better suited for something like a podcast.

On that same stream, I think Ultimate Chicken Horse is one of the best CtS games in a long while. I personally like it better than the newer Gang Beast version for streaming. It allows the players to be goofy and do fun things. A giant wall of hockey puck shooters? Sure, why not? Freaking out because Hodor managed to defeat the wall, a ton of fun. Cori being OP and winning through a handicap? Pretty fun to watch.

I will say I do like 'audience participation' games for CtS. It gives me incentive to try tuning in live if I can actually take part. The Jackbox games (minus Fibbage) were great about that. Hopefully the next release will be played on stream.

AFK - Click to Expand
A lot of what I said about CtS also holds true for AFK. If the game is too heavy on thought or focus, it loses it's appeal. I don't think there's been an example of 'too little' focus from an AFK though.

LRL - Click to Expand

Other - Click to Expand
New Day Tewsday, Rhythm Café, and 18G&C tend to be based on the game being played. I really like Paul, Second Adam, Hodor, and Ian as streamers, so that's not really a problem. But more often than not the games being shown are ones I don't have interest in, so I generally skip them. Tewsday also has the issue that I avoid it to avoid spoilers at times (Looking at you, Tokyo Mirage Sessions).

I'll admit I do want to/should check out some games that I don't care for. Same with Matters of Import and Gamehaus. It's just hard to tell which I'll enjoy and which I won't. The only episodes I've really made a point to watch of RC or 18G&C are Pokémon and Rhythm heaven. Both of which were very good. I loved Escape From Gengar's Mansion. And seeing the 'new player' take on that lamer game that came after Escape was fun too.

As a small note, I really loved the VR Bonus Stream. It's become one of my favorite single streams. I'm also fairly happy with the stream calendar change overall. I do need to give TTSF another shot, but the first couple of episodes weren't really for me.

But all of that said, I'll admit I prefer pre-made content more often than not. I love Sidewalk Slam, Feed Dump, Crapshots, and especially any sketches we get anymore. cH, Friday Nights, and... well, those are the sketches we get now. But I love them none the less, even if there've been a couple I haven't cared for. I miss Magnum Rewatch as well. But the prop baby is more important than Magnum. :p

Also, I understand the crew is busy. Between so many streams, shows, other projects, DB coming up, and Penelope, it's honestly surprising they're able to do as much as they do consistently. So delays and hiatuses for some shows don't really bother me. I will say I'm waiting for sWs to catch up, though there's no rush on Graham or Adam to me. I'm considering trying the free month of the WWE network. But I want to wait until I'm at least fairly caught up on the storylines to do so.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby phlip » 27 Sep 2016, 18:41

Personally, I think I've been watching more streams since the schedule change. Or at least I'm downloading more VODs and my backlog is growing faster than it used to.

Used to be there were entire shows I rarely or never watched, because my taste in games and the hosts just didn't match up enough. But now I watch basically all the streams... I'll skip some games occasionally, but I don't skip entire shows any more.

Fu¨t is consistently very good, as are Checkpoint, TTSF, Watch+Play. Rhythm Cafe depends on the game, but watching Heather enjoy a game is almost never bad. MoI can be hit-and-miss, but there's been a good number of hits lately. Newday and 18GaC are the most swingy, since they depend so much on the game in question, and I appreciate that they're working to alleviate the "still downloading" issue with 18GaC. Let's NOPE I used to tend to avoid, but recently it feels like it's pivoted a bit... I'm not entirely sure how to put it, but it used to be playing horror games that feel like they were trying to make some boilerplate horror, and then stapled on some game as an afterthought... "jumpscares lol" and key-to-a-key-to-a-key and all the other stuff on the bingo sheet. But more recently it feels like he's playing things that are actual good games, that then have horror theming layered over the top... Final Station, or Oxenfree, or the like... so I've been enjoying this show a lot more. CtS and AFK are almost always great, and having them more often than before is a big plus. Talking Simulator I've been enjoying, though I think it has room to grow and find its feet a bit more.

Which brings us to the elephant in the room of Magic. The crew do make a lot of Magic content... between LRRMtG, TTC, Friday Nights, a sizable proportion of AFK, and the vast majority of their "special events" being things like the PrePrereleases or the Conspiracy draft or the Highlander tournament... they certainly make more stuff about Magic than they do any other single topic. But it's still far from being the majority of what they do. I know it's been growing, with the PPR being the latest addition to the roster, and if you're not a fan then when "the parts I like" is shrinking and "the parts I don't like" is growing then that can certainly affect your perception. But even if you remove every single Magic-related thing the crew make, they still make a lot of stuff.

But while I'm on the topic of "colouring my perceptions"... as I mentioned, I have a backlog. My yet-to-watch downloaded VODs directory is about 20GB (I copy it to my tablet and watch them on the train to work). For podcasts is even worse, I'm about two months behind (I just listened to the LR "first impressions of Eldritch Moon" episode yesterday). Which means that I kinda have a buffer against a lull in content. I hadn't even noticed there hasn't been a QWERPline in a while, or gaps in other shows, because there's always something to watch.

Which is also the reason why I'm entirely unconcerned about the LRR shows I don't particularly enjoy, like sWs, or when Newday comes up with a game that doesn't interest me... honestly when that happens I almost breathe a sigh of relief that I can make a bit more headway on the backlog that week...
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Genghis Ares » 27 Sep 2016, 22:13

I regularly watched LRRs weekly videos and LRRcasts for several years, but I stopped watching a short time before they started their final season, but I came back about a year ago. Because of this, I don't really know Beej, Ian, Heather and Cori all that well.

As far as content I enjoy, I like some of the streams, Loading Time, Sidewalk Slam, and LoadingReadyLive.

I dislike pretty much everything MTG related. Just not my cup of tea.

I like that they have a circulating and varied schedule for streams, but there are several that I just can't get into. I generally only watch Watch & Play, AFK, Crossing the Streams, and the occasional Talking Simulator. I tend to only watch the group streams over Solo streams unless it's a game I'm really interested in.

Also, generally, stream enjoyment can be a mixed bag. Some games can be boring to watch or the host(s) may be too focused on the game that they don't entertain the audience much.

Also, nothing personal, but even though I like TS and W&P, I kind of dislike Alex's reactions to things, it seems kind of overdone and sort of fake to me(to clarify I don't think he's faking it, but I think it feels a little played up, perhaps even subconsciously, in order be an entertaining persona and I just find all the over the top reactions a bit annoying).
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Darkflame » 28 Sep 2016, 00:55

Dont watch anything live myself, but I certainly feel like a get a lot of content I enjoy. Qwerpline being my favorite right now by a big margin, but Loading Ready Live, CheckPoint, Feeddump, CH and Friday Nights all entertain no end. (fyi, I love FN - I dont play magic at all)

I also enjoy the various random content - G&K trip to Japan was really interesting, Im glade they recorded that. (had more interesting details then most travel shows I see on tv, in fact).

GPLPs were the only real game streams I watched. To me you really need two people talking, so I like that setup. <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby hacofo » 28 Sep 2016, 02:48

Ok, so this is a big topic, let's see if I can get my thoughts into my somewhat limited English.

First of all, let's start with the positives:
My vote was I'm satisfied because that is my overall feeling.

As someone who enjoys Magic the regularity with which it shows up in AFK, as MTGO and events like the Prereleases, are a big plus and they always manage to make it entertaining.(for me)

Since I'm sitting in a timezone that prohibits me from watching most of their stuff live, the delays in the beginning only affect me on "18 Games" where I actually like the talkshowesk element while waiting for the games to load, sometimes more than the game and Checkpoint were I have to watch the VOD the next day if they start too late.
But I understand that people who come for the gaming content are annoyed by that.

So with me mostly just watching VODs the variety of shows works well.
TTSF, Crossing the Streams, AFK, Talking Simulator, W+P and LRL are Streams where I've missed very few Episodes and I've enjoyed most.

The expansion of the crew and the less permanent members like Kate, Serge and others is a big plus for me.
Also, the longer "Loading Times" are great, not to mention the Vacation V-Log

On the negative side:

I miss the LRR Cast: "That was my pick me up in the car from and to work on hard days, and that's a hole the new Content hasn't filled yet. And while TTC is great it's not as personal as the LRR Cast was.

And on a more neutral side:
Scheduling in the greater scheme is an issue that can be a bit disappointing.
So when an event like the pre-prerelease takes the slot of LRL I enjoy the replacement contend but it isn't the same. (Props to Paul for the PAX solo episode ;) )

The irregularity of the Sidewalk Slam Podcast and QWERP-Line is another one of these points where scheduling is a problem.

BUT: I understand that most of the involved people aren't full-time LRR members and have a life outside entertaining us.
Graham and Kathleen have a Baby so that makes planning even more difficult and I understand that.
So while I might be a bit disappointed if something is delayed or doesn't happen that I was looking forward to I understand fully that other things are way more important.

So to sum it up, I like/love what LRR does and I watch it sometimes more for the people involved than the contend. And I'm very thankful for what they do. LRR helped me through some rough patches over the last years and I hope they will continue in the coming years.

To end this on a positive note: Thank you LRR for years of entertaining that for me haven't lost the appeal"
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Omega Lairon » 28 Sep 2016, 04:03

I guess I tend to agree with what seems to be the general consensus of "on the whole it's excellent, but here's my specific issues / nitpicks". For me, it's that the timezone difference means that I spend something like 75~80% of the streams at work, 15~20% is on during the "stupid in the morning" hours which it's no longer practical to specifically wake up to watch, and the remainder is the Saturday/Sunday streams (Friday/Saturday, moonbase time), and as of late my weekends have just been consumed by life junk.

I've gradually just... given up trying to keep up with the replays. For one, they just feel like a whole different experience to watching live - largely the non-interaction with chat is what does it. Like, either a topic will come up that I would have loved to have added input to at the time, but I can't, and then it's an often frustrating case of chat or even the LRR hosts slowly circling around a topic of discussion only to just barely miss mentioning the one thing I've been waiting to hear/read.

The other big point is that there's just an overwhelming wave of daily new content that, even if I'm not super interested in *all* of it, or hell, let's say that in any given day there's only really the one show I absolutely *must* watch... that's still often 3+ hours of content. With everything else I need to get done after work/before bed, I always get the feeling that devoting that large a portion of my free time to non-interactive media is just... time wasted.

So yeah... with so little time I *can* devote to watching LRR, it's almost like I kind of need it to be "the best possible use of my time" to justify it, and it just frequently isn't for the reasons stated.

(of course, I say that, and then immediately know that I'd otherwise use my time to f*** around on pointless web games or reading stupid clickbait websites)

BUT - that last remaining % of LRR content - the stuff I do get the rare chance to watch live and interact in chat with (essentially, LRLive these days), that stuff is just brilliant and so worth the wait.


On the topic of pre-recorded content... I mean, I was never super deep into the podcast stuff before the streaming really took off, so it doesn't bother me as much to be "missing out" on content that I've historically always "missed out on" by personal choice. But given the state of things now... maybe more pre-recorded content would be preferable? They wouldn't suffer from lack of a "live interactive" experience, and I'd be free to listen at times which suit me better.

But yeah... as long as streaming remains the main focus, it's kind of a shame that the pre-rec content is doomed to continue to suffer from schedule slippage and (relatively) lack of variety/content volume.

If nothing else, I can't stress enough how utterly amazing and mind blowing it is that LRR puts out so many hours of high quality and (mostly) free entertainment. It feels like a huge dick move / first world problem / betrayal (?) to be all complainy about it, but I guess there's a sense of "I used to enjoy this in a certain way and now it changed and now I don't enjoy it the same any more".

I dunno... it's late, I'm tired. I f***ing despise living here most of the time for various reasons, not the least of which being countless fun ways we get screwed over by being so far ahead of all the "normal" timezones. But that's really a whole other topic for a whole other time.

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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Aeralis » 28 Sep 2016, 20:52

The actual content is great, but my only real issue is how the whole streaming format in general doesn't really work for me. I dislike the idea of having to be available at a specific time to watch a thing (which is something I find extremely interesting about this whole streaming fad. Internet content was largely popular because it got you away from the broadcast TV scheduling concept, but now streaming is just bringing everyone back to that model, but that's a topic for another time) and I rarely ever actually get to tune in to what I want to. The YouTube archives are great for that exact problem... but seeing those two-hour run times on videos is super daunting and, thus, I rarely play any of them due to the time commitment.

End result is I only catch snippets of some shows here and there when I happen to be available to watch them. Which is sad, because I want to be able to enjoy more LRR content. Which I could do if the focus shifted back to the old standard video format.

tl:dr; More standard videos would be wonderful.
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Graham » 29 Sep 2016, 01:32

Hey all! Big topic here—plenty of feedback. We'll take a read through it all!

I just wanted to address a few things from nana89012's original post, and elsewhere.

:arrow: The documentaries are taking up zero of our time. That's why we hired Russ Pitts to make the Desert Bus 10 doc, because we do not have the time to do it ourselves. The other doc is something we were merely in, they were only here during the weekend that you saw in the gvlog.

:arrow: To the point about my personal content output... I would also like to do more stuff. This is tough for me. I think it's safe to say that before we had Penelope I was working too hard, and doing too much. Now, I don't have that option, and I've been trying to figure out the best way to delegate that work, but some of it isn't possible.

Agatha Fisty: I originally started this as purely bonus content because I missed doing House of Stark. It was possible because of a time at night when Kathleen and Penelope were asleep, and I could record on my home PS4. I discovered two things: babies get older and their schedules change, and spending hours of time each night playing FO4 meant I was slipping in other work. My plan currently is do figure out a day when I can bank record a whole swath of episodes, and then get Kate to tuck in on editing. Agatha will return.
(I actually have an episode edited, and I just... I can't put it up without a plan for future episodes because that will only piss people off more)

Sidewalk Slam: Scheduling is one thing, editing is the real issue with sWs. I would love to pass this off to another editor, but nobody else at LRR has the combined editing capability and wrestling knowledge to do it. So... I'm actively trying to think of new ways to do this. I'll get back to you.
(as for scheduling, Adam and I are looking at shifting to coverage centered on PPVs, because we simply can't condense 5 hours/week and two PPVs/month of wrestling into a digestible podcast).

Magnum Rewatch: We still very much intend to bring this back, as soon as we can. It's just a matter of working out when Kathleen and I can record, and when Kathleen can edit.

Qwerpline: No explanation, we just fell behind. July/August was really tough for us to make the time to record. Beej and Ian both have full-time 9-5 jobs, Alex has his own commitments, and evenings are nearly impossible for Kathleen and I, so basically Sunday is our only feasible recording time and... life needs to happen at some point.

See... I don't want this to seem defensive, or like I'm using a baby as an excuse, but with both of us being so involved with content creation, it's difficult to eek out time when one of us isn't needed for Penelope. We've managed to make a bunch of content work already, but we're not back up to full strength, in that regard.

Anyway! Those are my thoughts on those specific points.
There's other feedback in here that we'll read through :)
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby Aeralis » 29 Sep 2016, 11:45

Hey, a baby is a totally real thing with a completely acceptable impact on the universe, and you working yourself to death helps literally nobody. (Well, except maybe the guy running the funeral parlor.) It's really cool that you're making the effort to throw different things at the wall to see what sticks, and it's even cooler that you're being so open with what's going on in the background. So thanks for that. :)
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Re: LRR is starting to lose me

Postby 2stepz » 01 Oct 2016, 19:11

It's definitely not the same LRR it was when I started following ten years ago, and nor should it be. I agree the branching out to twitch was needed with the shift in geek culture.

I miss FeedDump being normal and regular. I miss Chustle. I miss the sketches.

On the other hand, as far as live streaming... I like AFK, CTS, LRL, and TTSF. I can't play FPS and can't afford MTG... so most of the other streams hold no interest to me. I miss Video Games with Video James... the minecraft streams got me through my graduate research.

That said, I hadn't had a paid subscription in a while because of funding. #TeacherBudgetProblems I feel like... when I have not supporting them, I shouldn't be giving such feedback. Makes me feel like I expect something for nothing, and I hate it.

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