Request: LRRbot Twitch Prime helper

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Request: LRRbot Twitch Prime helper

Postby CptSpiffyPanda » 19 Dec 2016, 14:53

I subscribe to the twitch with my Twitch Prime subscription. You need to manual hit the subscription, it does not tell you WHEN to do it. Can there be a LRRBot command to tell me how long till I need to hit the button? Preferably one that list the show that would be on that day just for remembrance sake.
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Re: Request: LRRbot Twitch Prime helper

Postby Master Gunner » 19 Dec 2016, 15:02

I believe you have a week after your Twitch Prime sub expires to "re-sub", and it will keep your streak of having subbed for X months in a row. So not hitting the sub button right away isn't an issue.

For seeing if you're subscribed so you know to re-sub, when on the LRR twitch page the sub button will be grey if you are subscribed, and purple if you're not. Other than that, you could set up a recurring monthly calendar reminder (in Google or Outlook or any other calendar app of your choice) re-up.

I don't think LRRBot is capable of seeing how many days someone has in their subscription anyways, short of actually storing every time it sees someone sub (which would be unreliable, and slightly creepy).
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