LRR build PC

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LRR build PC

Postby Benflash » 27 Jun 2017, 01:11

The old thread is inactive for about 3 years now so pardon me opening a new one.

I'm building a set for gaming (yeah of course). I'm the one with the old games like CallofDuty, Crysis,Battlefield ... ... under-700/
This set here, overall, is optimized but I'm not sure the graphic card can meet the requirements. It's great if this set can play new games, I have no idea if the new released games have high standard or not.

Or, what sets of best bucks would you recommend :-?
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Re: LRR build PC

Postby SAJewers » 28 Jun 2017, 04:24

My understanding from reddit is that an RX470 is all one needs for single monitor 1080p60 gaming, so that GTX 1060 should be fine. If you can't find a GTX1060, an RX480 should give the same performance.

The mid-rance setup over at PCPer's Hardware Leaderboard might do you well and you should be able to bring that price down if you ditch the soundcard and go the a regular HDD (or a cheaper SSD)
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Re: LRR build PC

Postby Benflash » 11 Jul 2017, 00:20

Thanks. I actually went for the $1000 set
I got some extra budget and called a big set.

However I did remove the built-in HDD, instead I got just 1TB HDD and 128GB SSD. The SSD is like crucial to running system.
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Re: LRR build PC

Postby Kees » 11 Oct 2018, 02:58

Here's the Pc Build Guide I followed in 2018 I think it will also help you and these are the specs I am using right now

1: Gigabyte Z370p D3
2: Intel Core i5-8600k
3: ASUS GeForce GTX 1060
4: Power Supply- EVGA 500 BQ 80
5: Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb ddr4
6: Seagate Barracuda 1TB Hard Drive
7: Adata Ultimate Su800 SSD
8: InWin 101 ATX Computer Case

I need suggestion is this Specs plays all games well like fortnite Doom witcher Far Cry 5 and most important PUBG :D :D :D

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