So, watching LRR play Sea of Thieves caused this to happen...

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So, watching LRR play Sea of Thieves caused this to happen...

Postby Garwulf » 07 Apr 2018, 13:25

I don't have Windows 10 (and I'm not planning to get it), nor do I have an X-Box. So, I can't play Sea of Thieves. But, if I could, I'd like to think that this would be my ship:



So, the rigging is a bit rough because it was my first attempt at rigging on a model ship (I used the instructions from the bigger Revell pirate ship model as a guide), and If you're a modeller, what will really blow your mind is that the sails are made from cotton (many thanks to my wife for using her sewing machine to put the vertical lines in), and the kit is this one:

And my next sailing ship model will be the Lindberg Jolly Roger (which is actually a frigate called La Flore, which is how it will be painted).
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Postby VileTerror » 08 May 2018, 14:49

NICE ship, and good call on the Windows thing.

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