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Postby Lavos » 11 Mar 2007, 18:35

In the near future I'm thinking about getting one.
What do you think I should get for my very first one? (By the way, I am a huge X-men nerd.)

A Queen of hearts that is charged with kinetic energy?
Or the X logo? You know, like the bolded X.

Very first Tatoo.
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Postby Tank_girl » 11 Mar 2007, 18:50

I got my very first tattoo in Hawaii. here's a pic

its not usualy that red. That was taken about 5 min after it was done
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Postby Lacerta » 11 Mar 2007, 19:41

Go through all the things you thought were awesome ten years ago. If any of it makes you cringe, you probably shouldn't get a tattoo.
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Postby emma » 11 Mar 2007, 19:49

Don't get a pop cultureish tattoo for your first one. Those only really work if you have lots of tattoos - they work on the kind of people who already have so many that the new one doesn't look silly and they don't really care if they don't like it later.

Also, where do you want to put it? And how big? That is important too, and I am curious!
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Postby Pirate James » 11 Mar 2007, 20:08

I have 2 tattoo's, here is the first:

Warning: this tattoo may seem odd to you but it makes perfect sense to me and my friends.

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Postby JesterJ. » 11 Mar 2007, 20:27

Lavos: The Queen of Hearts with kinetic energy. That could look SO Kickass, much better than the X logo. Besides...If you outgrow it at some point, you can say it was something BESIDES from X-men

Pirate James: Kickass 8)
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