What Blogs do you read.

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What Blogs do you read.

Postby James » 07 Jul 2008, 00:49

So i have been meaning to post this for a couple days now, and with the fact that it is 1:30 in the morning and I can't sleep i finally decided now would be a good time.

So the question is pretty simple. What blogs do you read on a daily/weekly or even monthly basis? And when i say blog I mean pretty much anything. It can be our blog, a tech related blog, news related blog, or even a personal blog that is interesting enough to come back to on a regular basis.

I will start us off with in order what is listed within my Google Reader* setup.

iPhone World - www.iphoneworld.ca
Apple Insider - www.appleinsider.com
Gizmodo - www.gizmodo.com
[H]ardOCP - www.hardocp.com
Lifehacker - www.lifehacker.com
Engadget - www.engadget.com
Evil Avatar - www.evilavatar.com
Joystiq - www.joystiq.com
Kotaku - www.kotaku.com
WoW Insider - www.wowinsider.com
io9 - www.io9.com
Complete Digital Photography - www.completedigitalphotography.com
Ken Rockwell - www.kenrockwell.com
Camera Labs - www.cameralabs.com
Digital Photography Review - www.dpreview.com
CBC News Feed - www.cbc.ca
NYT (New York Times) News Feed - www.nytimes.com

So my hope is you guys find a blog in that list that interests you and you link a bunch of blogs other people might be able to discover for the first time. I am always looking for new blogs to read on a daily basis.

*Google Reader FTW. If you don't use this and you read a lot of blogs on a daily basis this is a great tool to help you keep up and organized with all your blogs.
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Postby kkief02 » 07 Jul 2008, 01:36

I read your guy's blog.... Thats pretty much it.
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Postby Beta-guy » 07 Jul 2008, 02:05

I check [H]ardOCP several times a day even got my PS3 folding for them :)

I go to Blu-ray.com (I am a big Blu-ray fan)

http://formatwarcentral.com/ some articles are good some I think go too far but again it relates to the format war between HD DVD and Blu-ray.

http://www.highdefdiscnews.com/ yet another Blu-ray blog :p it was originally for both formats but we all know how that turned out...

http://www.winxperts.net/portal/ they are not only a technology blog, but also a forum, discuss just about anything technical related :)
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Postby Master Gunner » 07 Jul 2008, 05:55

I check your blog, Hackaday, and the Dilbert blog. That's about it though. Oh, and the xkcd blag.
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Postby Cake » 07 Jul 2008, 05:59

I don't read any blogs, because I am illiterate.
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Postby Allen! » 07 Jul 2008, 06:53

I don't speak English, so I can't read them either.

But I read Cracked.com
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Postby wilson_x1999 » 07 Jul 2008, 07:21

Those are the ones I read on a daily basis, but I'm sure I read more o.o, I just can't remember the other ones.
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Postby Kawaiicaps » 07 Jul 2008, 08:11

daily, lrr and www.canadianfreestuff.com
I used to read octopusdropkick.net weekly but it is gone now...
Monthly, www.Btmusic.com very rare updates and not very active forum
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Postby Brinson » 07 Jul 2008, 13:38

You can read the inside of my butt.
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Postby mosespippy » 07 Jul 2008, 13:49

I read Lifehacker on a daily basis when I'm in school. Not so much when I'm not.

Daily I read http://threespeach.com which is a semi official Sony Computer Entertainment Europe blog and http://blog.us.playstation.com which is the Official Sony Computer Entertainment America blog.

Whenever my RSS feeds update I will read the CBC Radio 3 blog, the CBC top news stories, the Media Molecule blog (makers of Little Big Planet), Giant Bomb.com, and the Pure Pwnage blog.

I used to read a blog written by a Edmonton Taxt driver, but google "updated" blogspot, and now it won't load in my browser of choice. I get to the "this blog may contain inapropriate blah blah blah", click continue and it just loads the "this blog may contain inapropriate blah blah blah" page again. I really did enjoy the blog for it's amazing and crazy stories, but I'm not going to use a different browser than the one I use for every other thing I do on hte internet just to use 1 site. Anyway, that blog was/is http://myfares.blogspot.com
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Postby Sable » 07 Jul 2008, 14:52

Digital Photography Related

Luminous Landscape http://www.luminous-landscape.com
Bob Atkins Photography [Canon] http://www.bobatkins.com
Digital Photography School http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/
The Digital Picture [Canon] http://the-digital-picture.com

Techy Stuff
Dan's Data http://dansdata.com
EcoGeek http://www.ecogeek.org

AutoBlog http://autoblog.com
Jalopnik http://jalopnik.com

Fully Ramblomatic [Ben Croshaw]http://www.fullyramblomatic.com
How to Spot a Psychopath [Dan of Dan's Data] http://dansdata.blogsome.com
Slumbering Lungfish [Lore Sjoberg] http://slumbering.lungfish.com
Ragnar Tornquist [Ragnar Tornquist]http://ragnartornquist.com
Patrick Rothfuss [Patrick Rothfuss] http://patrickrothfuss.com/blog/blog.html
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Postby James » 07 Jul 2008, 15:50

Brinson wrote:You can read the inside of my butt.

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Postby Graham » 07 Jul 2008, 16:06

People read our blog!?
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Postby tak197 » 07 Jul 2008, 19:26

Yeah, I love reading your blog. My only issue is: wha'hahpin to the LRR desk feature? Start cranking them out please! Also, I think aside from the videos and said desk posts, you could also write up some other stuff. We like hearing your stories. At least I do, cuz you guys also happen to be the only podcast I listen to.
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Postby TomBrend » 07 Jul 2008, 20:29

Graham wrote:People read our blog!?

I check your blog every time I check my webcomics list, I.E. way, way too often. You should update more, so that obsessive fans like me can read it more. Also, if I had worked as many hours as I have listened to old podcasts in the last two weeks, I'd be a rich man.
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Postby Timelady » 08 Jul 2008, 16:25

Most of the blogs I read tend to be from comic book writers, for some reason, with a couple of game designers and authors thrown in (and of course LRR's blog):

Neil Gaiman (of course) http://neilgaiman.com
Len Wein http://www.lenwein.blogspot.com
Marv Wolfman http://www.marvwolvman.com/todaysviews.html
Mark Evanier http://www.newsfromme.com
Aaron Williams (PS238 + Nodwick comics) http://nodwick.humor.gamespy.com/index.htm
Ron Gilbert http://grumpygamer.com

I used to read Steve Gerber's blog, but he died. :(
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Postby basscomm » 08 Jul 2008, 18:34

I end up reading my own blogs as much as anything:

http://crummysocks.com, http://closeoutwarrior.com, and http://pushbuttonb.com

Other than that I tend to hit Slashdot, [H]ard|OCP, and most of the major gaming blogs, but I particularly like SPOnG and Gamers With Jobs. I also check out the LRR blog when I remember it's there.

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Postby JesterJ. » 08 Jul 2008, 19:18

Gizmodo, BoingBoing, sometimes Kotaku, and...that's pretty much it. But I'll look up any geek-related blogs that are posted here, because God knows I don't waste my time enough.
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Postby Cureless_Poison » 08 Jul 2008, 20:48

None.....absolutely nothing, nada, zip, zero...
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Postby Allen! » 08 Jul 2008, 20:51

Oh, I read this, for blogs.


I guess that's really it.
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