How much stuff do YOU carry around?

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Postby Telaril » 06 Nov 2008, 07:13

I'm still in search for the perfect purse... a bag small enough that they don't make you check it in stores with a bag-check policy, but big enough to hold all the vitals.

If I'm going out for a moment, it's usually just

Lip Gloss

if there's any chance I may wait any appreciable amount of time, add


If I'm actually going out into the world, then add

Pad of paper
pens and pencils, at least 2 each
bottle of water
paperback novel
allergy meds
some kind of snack (nuts, dried fruit)

Anything more than that would be considered "packing" and not what I carry around routinely.
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Postby howdthathapn » 06 Nov 2008, 09:46

on a normal day:
marker bag
computer power cable
various pencils and pens

school day:
everything above,
5 textbooks
2 folders
1 binder
2 notebooks
3-5 various sizes of drawing pads between 19X24 - 8.5X11
all my art supplies in two plastic containers

LOOOW Maintenance day:
keys, cellphone, chapstick, cigarettes, ligheter.
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Postby kingtorm » 06 Nov 2008, 12:21

-iPod Touch
-Ipod earbuds
-Sharpie (sometimes)
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Postby Mouse » 06 Nov 2008, 21:19

Elomin Sha wrote:I have a nunchuku and a traditional long bow with 12 arrows. I'v ebeen meaning to get some sais, hook swords and a katana.

I'm baaaaccckkk

Okay so, one: my friend used to have katana, but his parents pawned them when he was 13 because he threatened to kill his brother with them.


I carry in my purse/bag/thing: two mini legal notepads, three pens, a fine-tip sharpie, whatever book I might be reading (its a vintage spy novel lately), bus fare, photo ID, chapstick.

I carry in my make-up bag: mirror, base, white eyeliner, brown eyeliner, three diffeent mascara tubes in various stages of drying to dust inside, more chapstick, comb.

I carry on my person: glasses, medical tags (I have this giant fear that the day I don't wear them, I get hit by a bus and taken to the hospital where well-meaning nurses and doctors pump me full of medicines that eventually kill me), extra fare (in case I lose the first buse fare or vice versa).
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Postby Annchan » 07 Nov 2008, 05:35

Mouse wrote:medical tags (I have this giant fear that the day I don't wear them, I get hit by a bus and taken to the hospital where well-meaning nurses and doctors pump me full of medicines that eventually kill me)

scary story

Last year my grandfather was in for emergency heart surgery (he had a heart attack) and he has a medical alert bracelet. After the surgery he was in a coma for 2 weeks and no one knew why. we all thought he was going to die and then all of a sudden he woke up and had quite the story to tell.
turns out when he was in post surgery recovery, before he had the strength to do anything but was still a little coherent the nurse was strapping him to an IV that he is allergic to. he tried to tell her and show her his bracelet that no one was paying attention to but couldn't. He said that after that all he remembers is passing out and then waking up, ripped all monitors and tubes from his body and started a fit in the hospital until they released him. Didn't tell his family till he got home.

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