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Postby OneTrueChungus » 20 Oct 2016, 19:24

I was hoping you guys could start a (Weekly? Bi Weekly? Monthly?) Stream of the Ultimate Facepunch Wrestling, with Adam and Graham + a guest each episode. This could allow a story line to develop, and there could be a few big events per year, like the autumnal rumble and wrestlrrmainia. Graham mentioned a (involved) league game mode the other night, and id love to see what could be set up. Im sure im not the only one that would love to see this.
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Postby Puls3evo » 15 Sep 2017, 09:13

Apologies for ressurecting a year-old thread, but with the release of WWE 2k18 on our doorstep, I was wondering if was general interest in a UFW show. I found this thread and thought an appropriate venue to ask and possibly give a bit of insight into how it could work (though my suggestions are based on the current version of the game).

During Autumnal Rumble '16, Beej mused that he assumed that you could save a Royal Rumble match. You can do that (and the rest of the card) in Universe mode. It does take some front-loading for setup (making the rosters, arena, shows, belts [need at least Heavyweight, but the in-game belts can substitute], and PPVs) but it means you can control run-ins, rivalries, heel/face turns etc. It also allows you to construct and save a showcard for when you want to stream or record a show. You can only adjust the current show's card, so you couldn't do more than one show's worth per stream, but that makes sense for a weekly stream or a Let's Play series.

As an example, I've downloaded almost the entire Lucha Underground roster and created a two show schedule. I'm letting the game control the fights and rivalries, and because it's a fairly large roster (fifty wrestlers) I'm using two smaller major shows (you can have between five and seven) to see more of the wrestlers and have more rivalries (limit three per show in game). This also mimics how Lucha Underground produces their show, trading storylines bi-weekly until the build to Ultima Lucha (Wrestlemania).

LC has far fewer characters, however, than the entire LRRverse, though. It would probably be best to book the matches and rivalries outside of the game, and use Universe to keep everything tidy and saved.

While I do mean for this to be for the Crew, I also understand that it would be yet another item to add to the stuffed docket, with booking and roster planning and all. I hope that anyone else who has any of the games can use my example as a springboard for their own universes of fun and chaos.
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