Crapshot idea/script: The Paw

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Crapshot idea/script: The Paw

Postby JerryArr » 02 Aug 2018, 12:01

INT some random Moonbase room, a monkey's paw with three fingers out, indicating three wishes left, lies on a table. Enter Cameron.

CAMERON: Whoa, a monkey's paw! Oh man, I've been waiting *years* for this!

Cameron takes a piece of paper out of his wallet, unfolds it, clears his throat, and starts reading.

CAMERON: I, Cameron Lauder, do hereby make the following wish to the monkey's paw laid before me...

Fade to the same scene, the clock on the wall has advanced...

CAMERON: ...two hundred fifty billion dollars, Canadian, current, with no questions asked or investigative actions taken...

Fade, advance clock...

CAMERON: the letter and spirit of this wish...


CAMERON: ...forthwith, hence, ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly...

Fade and advance once more with feeling...

CAMERON: be carried out immediately, dated (whatever date), verbally signed Cameron Lauder, my wish is complete.

Cut to the paw, which retracts the ring finger, leaving the index and middle showing. Cut back to Cameron, checking his phone.

CAMERON: Holy shit, it worked! I'm rich!

Cut back to the paw, which retracts the index finger, thus flipping Cam the bird. Cut back to Cam.

CAMERON: Hey! That was only *one* wish!


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