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Cork wars.

Posted: 19 Sep 2005, 13:51
by rom_ripper
me and my friend invented the ultemate extreme sport. because i work in a pub, i can get my hands on a mass amount of wine corks, so we decided to invent a game where, you throw corks at each other. we even invented our own seris of tv shows (after watching wwe.)
we really got into it, and i am currently the world champion.
if you want i will send you the rules, tv show ideas, etc.
what do ya think?

Posted: 22 Sep 2005, 19:12
by miakosummin
Did anybody else think "c" when they saw "r"?.....

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 16:24
by rom_ripper
what is that meant to mean?

Posted: 23 Sep 2005, 17:40
by DP
Frankly, I'm not even sure what a com_cipper is

Posted: 24 Oct 2005, 14:23
by Under13
miakosummin wrote:Did anybody else think "c" when they saw "r"?.....