An idea for an Italian-style MAN COOKING!

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An idea for an Italian-style MAN COOKING!

Postby MowDownJoe » 30 Nov 2010, 21:01

So I had a random idea, recently. I was wondering for some reason how you'd go about making an Italian-themed Man Cooking. (I'm from an Italian family. Tomato sauce runs in my blood.) Then it hit me: PIZZA BURGERS! Yes, we've seen multiple hamburgers in Man Cooking before, but why not? Even if the idea is far from Italian, it doesn't matter. Now, since Man Cooking has always been Morgan's whole domain, I'll leave the script to him, but who's to say I can't throw up a recipe for him to write a script around?

WHAT YOU'LL NEED (no specific amounts given; REAL MEN WON'T NEED IT!):
Ground beef
Mozzarella cheese
Marinara Sauce
Hamburger rolls
Italian Sausage
Chicken (preferably boneless breast)
Prosciutto (Yes, that's just more ham. Hell, double up on the types of bacon if you want.)
(insert whatever meat-based pizza toppings you prefer here)

Preparing the Beef:
Throw your beef into a bowl. Add oregano. Add diced (or, since we've been down that road before, grated) garlic. Mix meat with hands.
Preparing toppings:
Fry bacon. Cook sausage and chicken. (REAL MEN CAN DO THIS INSTINCTIVELY.) Cut sausage and chicken into bits. (Or not. Whatever feels manlier to down.) Heat up sauce in a sauce pan.
Making the burgers:
Press beef into patties. Throw onto grill. Add mozzarella as you would add any cheese to a burger. Once grilled to taste, place burger on bun, add toppings, then add sauce.

(I will warn you all ahead of time that I have not tried this myself. But then, when does manly cooking require prior experimentation?)
Opinions? Suggestions? Critiques?
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Re: An idea for an Italian-style MAN COOKING!

Postby Lorennar » 30 Nov 2010, 22:37

Now I want to try spreading out Prosciutto and putting feta in the middle, then folding the Prosciutto around the feta. Lay out another layer of Prosciutto and flip the folded original so that where the edges come together are now fully covered and fold again. Continue until you can no longer wrap and fold or thick enough to endure handling without immediately breaking apart. Fry to heat the feta inside and seal the meat pouch. Place on top of burger along with whatever other awesome you care to. No clue if this will work but I think it is time to go grocery shopping. enjoy. ~t
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Re: An idea for an Italian-style MAN COOKING!

Postby dfcrackhead » 19 Dec 2010, 23:24

I was hoping this was going to be some crazy ass super lasagna... Personally, the one pizza burger I had was fairly meh.

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