Support chat in hangouts

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Support chat in hangouts

Postby rustak » 29 Jul 2013, 16:49

Rough idea..

Based on this tweet from a friend:

"just found myself wishing this chat with customer service was on google hangouts so i could invite y'all to watch."

It got me thinking of video where a support chat about some mildly contentious issue happens with a company that's using Hangouts (or similar) for chat; both sides start inviting other people in to support their side of the case. Images get posted. Side arguments begin. Hilarity ensues. Or at least mild amusement.
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Re: Support chat in hangouts

Postby Koyote042 » 31 Jul 2013, 18:39

Which would be great considering that "chat" is apart of the internet and the "internet Fuckwad Theory" certainly applies here.
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