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Postby Lavos » 18 Oct 2006, 11:47

How about a "3rd season retrospective"
But now, with cast all cast members sharing thoughts and stuff.
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Postby Melendwyr » 18 Oct 2006, 14:46

Lavos wrote:How about a "3rd season retrospective"
But now, with cast all cast members sharing thoughts and stuff.

That _is_ a good idea, but I think "The LoadingReadyRumble" kinda counts as our look back.

Crew comments would be good, but I think that niche is already filled by the LRRcasts. (Many of which have great comedy value in themselves - particularly the one with the exceptionally awkward pause. You know the one I mean.)
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Postby JesterJ. » 18 Oct 2006, 15:00

They have commentary on every single video in the DVD.
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Postby Fumbles » 19 Oct 2006, 03:24

I was thinking that for an evil corp you guys could do a saw like survival games but this might be a little to simular to the loadingreadyrumble.
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Postby Kneuronak » 20 Oct 2006, 20:33

The big thing missing here...


He has to make a physical cameo (So the mention of him in 'The Worst Homosexual' doesn't count) at *least* once a month. I personally thought that, although Evil, Inc. did the LRRumble well... Gibb would have been wittier.

LRLabs was good, but a little too narrow. I'd like to see some actual 'experiments' that are not so much instructional or informational videos, but really horrid 'scientists' attempting to make videos of their *great* accomplishments. I can just see Matt saying 'MUAHAHAHAHA! I have created... the Banana!' And then Kathleen comes and eats said Banana. *Matt's eye twitches*.

LRR3K was nice... I guess. I didn't like how Graham and Paul's heads got in the way.

Sheer Stupidity is good, when it's funny. I didn't like the eating ones, however- Christmas Carolling on Halloween and Extreme Battle Challenge both were excellent, because it seemed like they were going somewhere. Or maybe I just like Paul's line 'You guys told me it was Christmas!'

And I want Rapidfire 2- This time, it's diesel fuel!

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