Crapshot: I'm here.

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Crapshot: I'm here.

Postby Dr.Susse » 05 Sep 2015, 05:26

Hey all, long time lurker here!

This one's a simple one but it made me laugh.

Scene: Person (Graham) sitting on couch playing video game. *Phone rings*

Cut to second person (Beej) walking down the street on phone.

Beej: Hey sorry about the wait but I'm round the corner; be there soon.

Cut to Graham

Graham confused: Wait what? you're already here.

Cut back to Beej

Beej: What??

Cut back to couch with wider shot showing Beej also on couch reading a book

Beej: Who are you talking to?


Anyone think it's too obvious a joke?
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Re: Crapshot: I'm here.

Postby waZelda » 13 Sep 2015, 03:34

I don't think the last line is necessary. I'd rather it just be the dubstep playing as it zooms out.
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Re: Crapshot: I'm here.

Postby AlexAshman » 07 Oct 2015, 14:48

You could subvert expectations a bit more first. Have Graham call Beej, Beej says he's nearly there, oh wait he can see Graham by the bus stop across the road... Graham responds with some form of 'no, that's not me', Beej with 'yes it is', Graham gets somewhat irate and exclaims that he is most definitely on the couch at home... cut to a shot of another Beej sitting next to him, who says 'clearly'. Huh.
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Re: Crapshot: I'm here.

Postby Ptangmatik » 14 Oct 2015, 15:55

Reminds me of a type of Goon show bit that Spike used to write for Eccles and Seagoon
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