Crapshot idea: Phraseology

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Crapshot idea: Phraseology

Postby Ptangmatik » 01 Jan 2016, 12:00

INT Business meeting

Business person 1 is stood at the head of the room with a pie chart on a whiteboard easel (Title: Agripharmacological engineering) displayed on the wall, he/she is addressing everyone else, who are all sat down around a table

Business Person 1: So we've sown some good seed, I think its time to put in some work so we can reap big rewards

BP2: You mean we should start investing in agriculture?

Upon cutting back to BP1, he/she is now wearing denim dungarees over his/her business attire

BP1: I'm saying we should make hay while the Sun shines

BP2: With money?

BP1 is now wearing a straw hat and/or holding a pitchfork

BP1: Could you pass me that baling twine?

BP2: Damnit! I thought this was a bank!

Cut back to BP1, he/she's stood in a field, the easel's still behind him/her

(Edit: I'm thinking I went maybe one or two lines too long in this, I can't say wher makes thje best punchline without seeing it though)
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Re: Crapshot idea: Phraseology

Postby Kronopticon » 04 Mar 2016, 16:19

Not sure how available fields are to them. Not with crop-worthy foliage showing anyway unless they green screen a field somewhere. Closest thing to a field near them I think is maybe the golf courses...

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