Crapshot idea: Don't mention it

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Crapshot idea: Don't mention it

Postby Ptangmatik » 17 Feb 2016, 16:44

Ext: Person 1 opens the front door to welcome in Person 2

Int: Camera is in front of Person 1 on their left side who is walking ito a lounge type room, Person 2 follows Person 1 into the room, stops and looks left (just to the right of where the camera is), and acts surprised.

Person 2: Uhhh...

Person 1 looks back at Person 2 and looks exasperated

Person 1: Ugh, not this again. Look, just don't mention it, ok?

Person 2 with their mouth hanging open looks back and forth at Person 1 and the offscreen thing

Person 2: Uhhh...

Cut to a shot with Person 2 on the left, Person 1 on the right and the offscreen item visible between them, it is revealed to be an enormous paper elephant (or balloon elephant, or person in an elephant costume) taking up at least one entire wall of the room.


(if you do use a person in an elephant costume, include a trumpetting sound effect in the final shot)
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