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Crapshot: The Refreshment

Posted: 01 Jun 2017, 05:41
by Amake
The chat suggests this Crapshot needs to have Serge, James and Cameron in it for maximum in-jokes, but I'll let whom it may concern be the judge of that.

INT. A coffee house/bar/diner/somewhere with chairs and tables.

CUSTOMER 1 and CUSTOMER 2 are sitting at a table. CUSTOMER 1, holding a coffee cup, talks to a BARISTA standing next to them.

BARISTA: Is everything okay?

CUSTOMER 1: Well, I ordered a mint-flavored cup of coffee, but this just tastes like coffee.

BARISTA: If you wanted mint-flavored COFFEE, why didn't you order that?

Baffled looks are exchanged.


CUSTOMER 2 (Okay it's probably James): [Licks coffee cup] [Makes approving noise/face]

The end.