Crapshot - The Racket

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Crapshot - The Racket

Postby chetoos » 18 Aug 2017, 17:54

A pair of mobsters enter a place of business, probably remark to each other that this new neighborhood should be ripe for the picking for protection money. They approach the clerk.
Mobster 1: Hey, we just got into town, and heard that this neighborhood's a little dangerous.
Clerk: You definitely heard right.
Mobster 2: Ah, ah, good, good, then we have just the service for you, we can provide... protection.
Clerk(eagerly): Oh, that sounds great.
Mobster 1: Of course, it'll cost you a pretty penny.
Clerk (still very happy): Oh, of course, of course, I'll pay whatever you want, sir!
Mobster 2: This doesn't normally go this well...
Clerk (Now a little confused.): You said you were offering protection, and we certainly need it here.
Mobster 1: Wait, need it from what?
Clerk: That.
(Something horrifying comes in. Something eldritch, or failing effects, Derek. The clerk pushes a mobster at the thing that just came in, squelching noises are heard.)
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Re: Crapshot - The Racket

Postby Paviel » 30 Aug 2017, 03:36

The horrifying thing could be Beej... Have the clerk push the mobster at Beej, and cut to black with the Beejdrop Dubstep instead of squelching noises.


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