Store Suggestion! - Bring back Friday Nights playmat

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Store Suggestion! - Bring back Friday Nights playmat

Postby Echelon86 » 17 Apr 2018, 02:26

As title says! - Sorry I didn't see a forum category for this request.

Look at that beautiful Friday Nights playmat with all the cartoon versions of LRR crew.
Go view it in store now if you haven't seen it forum dwellers!

However you will notice it's out of stock, the store admin told me they don't have any current plans to get more.

Please post here and request it too!
It's clearly the best playmat you have... hence why it's the only one sold out :roll:

Get more in! - fantasic mat
Otherwise another similar design with LRR crew on it would also be great

Either / OR !

Thank you!

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