The Panalysts -- Scenario Suggestions

Is there something you want to see? Give us suggestions here.
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The Panalysts -- Scenario Suggestions

Postby TStodden » 06 Jul 2018, 12:55

While Kathleen seems to have some reasonable list of theoretical scenarios to inflict upon the teams, but there's likely some scenarios that we may like to see out... Hence this forums thread to assist with any possible idea droughts that may occur...

Just a few notes with scenarios...

1) Try to keep them relatively "family friendly" -- While this is subjective, scenarios should not be overly graphic, vulgar or adult... generally anything that's not suitable for YouTube shouldn't be posted. The LRR crew can push that envelope themselves without any outside assistance.

2) Try to keep scenario choices as binary as possible. -- Panalysts scenarios are generally presented with two options, although the 3rd "None of The Above" typically remains (as choosing nothing is always an option). This is mostly so that each side can take one option of the scenario without leaving an option undefended.

3) Keep your choices to other suggested scenarios to yourself. -- This thread is geared only to provide scenarios, not to discuss the choices of the scenarios. Those can

There might be some other stuff I'm overlooking... so there may be modifications in the future, but this should be enough.

With that said, onward to the scenario suggestions!


Good News!
Doctors have perfected a medical procedure to reroute all non-repository gas expulsion to just one orifice & you were selected for the final human clinical trials! Would you...

A) Choose to reroute all farts into burps.

B) Choose to reroute all burps into farts.
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Just bring back Feed Dump, please.

Postby VileTerror » 07 Jul 2018, 07:07

Good news!
Loading Ready Run has come to their senses and decided to bring back Feed Dump. Not only that, but the series will air unerringly on a weekly schedule for the rest of the host's natural life.
Regretfully, due to scheduling constraints, there are only two options for the regular Feed host:
An embittered and increasingly vitriolic (but competent) Kathleen, who revels in every opportunity she has to deride the spirit of Feed Dump as a legitimate comedic news source,
A painfully innocent Serge, who becomes slightly more tainted and corrupted with each episode, first falling slowly in to uncontrollable momentary bouts of sobbing which grow increasingly long in each episode, until those bouts shift in to maniacal laughter, and eventually culminating (just before he dies of old age) in to the Ultimate Revelation of All Reality, but he's too old and insane to articulate it in any meaningful way to the audience.

So! Who do you choose to Host Feed Dump until they die?

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