Crapshot idea/script: The Infomercial

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Crapshot idea/script: The Infomercial

Postby Garwulf » 01 Aug 2018, 10:56

(Inspired from a scene in Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.)

INT studio with male presenter in a trendy suit in the middle of talking to the camera.

Presenter: ...and if you really want to be romantic to the extreme, you need to kiss extreme! A good kiss won't just sweep her off her feet, it needs to be forceful enough to loosen her teeth!

CUT TO: INT room of network executives staring at a TV with mounting horror.

Presenter (VO from TV): And don't just hug her - be EXTREME! Make good use of your surroundings to slam her into the most extreme things possible!

The video is turned off.

Presenter (Sitting at table with the executives): As you can see, I think "Romance to the EXTREME" will revolutionize the world of dating-

Executives (all at once): NO!


Presenter: Okay, you might not like "Romance to the EXTREME," but you'll just love my next idea, "Raising Children to the EXTREME"-

Executives (all at once): SECURITY!
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