Crapshot idea/script: The Rockhound

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Crapshot idea/script: The Rockhound

Postby Garwulf » 07 Jul 2019, 18:43

Open on a ROADCUT, where the ROCKHOUND stands in front of the camera holding a rock/mason's hammer.

ROCKHOUND: Welcome back to Rockhounding! Now, for sample collection at a roadcut, many rock collectors and hunters will use a hammer like this...

(Shows the hammer to the camera.)

ROCKHOUND: ...along with eye protection, to break off rocks and minerals as safely as possible. But a real rockhound uses only his FACE!

The ROCKHOUND cocks his head and back, and the camera cuts away as he starts to swing his head and shoulders into the roadcut.

Cut to a HOSPITAL CONFERENCE ROOM, where DOCTOR #1 and DOCTOR #2 are consulting over the ROCKHOUND'S chart.

DOCTOR #1: There are multiple lacerations and contusions, and we had to reconstruct his nose.

DOCTOR #2: Isn't this the fifth time he's been in here? And each time it was a different part of his face...


DOCTOR #2: Have we just been conned into giving somebody elective plastic surgery?

CUT to the ROCKHOUND in a hospital bed, his face covered in bandages.

ROCKHOUND: I'm going to ROCK this new nose!

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