Crapshot idea/script: The Reveal (Star Wars)

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Crapshot idea/script: The Reveal (Star Wars)

Postby Garwulf » 07 Jul 2019, 19:05

This is probably unfilmable, but if it could be filmed, it would be REALLY funny...

OPEN on the bridge of an IMPERIAL STAR DESTROYER during THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. The MILLENNIUM FALCON roars past the bridge windows.

OFFICER #1: Sir, we lost them!

CAPTAIN NEEDA: How could we lose them? That ship's too small to have a cloaking device.

OFFICER #1: I don't know sir.


CAPTAIN NEEDA: Prepare my shuttle. I will apologize to Lord Vader personally.

OFFICER #1: But sir, there's more! According to our instruments, we are in the middle of something called a "movie" - and our ship is just a big model in front of a "blue screen"!

CAPTAIN NEEDA: That's impossible!


CAPTAIN NEEDA: I'm going outside to check this out personally.

CUT to CAPTAIN NEEDA standing behind a studio model of his STAR DESTROYER, a tiny model MILLENNIUM FALCON attached to the conning tower.

CAPTAIN NEEDA: (Eyes wide) It's can't's true!

(Beat as CAPTAIN NEEDA spots the MILLENNIUM FALCON on the conning tower)

CAPTAIN NEEDA: (Calling to offscreen) Hey - I FOUND THEM!
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Re: Crapshot idea/script: The Reveal (Star Wars)

Postby AdmiralMemo » 14 Jul 2019, 14:08

This is something Spaceballs would do.
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