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Crapshot Idea? (Not Sure if Feasible)

Posted: 12 Jul 2022, 06:06
by VileTerror
Last night I had a dream of an idea for a "comedy" skit (read as: Existential Dread skit)

Start with an outdoor shot of a pleasant park in the spring or summer, two people throw a frisbee back and forth on top of a hill.
Suddenly massive eyes open beyond the blue sky, the camera has to pan out to reveal their immensity. The people in the park look up in awe.
Cut to a high orbit shot of the earth with the eyes staring at the planet, and then contort in to a confused brow-raise.
"Wait, did I leave this one running?" says an echoy voice. Then, meekly "sorry about that." The eyes glance back and forth furtively before shrinking and disappearing.
Cut back to the park where the two people exchange a meaningful look, then shrug, and continue playing frisbee.