Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

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Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

Postby Kathleen » 02 Apr 2014, 13:24 ... -Porcupine

We'd say this guy was in a sticky situation, but it was more of a stabby, blood-covered one.
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Pimpin J
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Re: Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

Postby Pimpin J » 02 Apr 2014, 18:06

Are y'all really out of hats?

I will get mine in the mail to you tomorrow!

Also I am sure I have heard the story about split before and thought it was from feed dump....
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Re: Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

Postby PlasmaCow » 03 Apr 2014, 08:49

this Things On My Head episode had an awfully long intro sequence...

Is it just me or does Paul look beefier too?
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Re: Man Delivers Baby Porcupine

Postby CrazyMax46 » 03 Apr 2014, 09:23

Thank you for uploading this to YouTube. :).

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